This note came from a reader with whom I was discussing shelter staff who champion the idea that some killing is fine, so long as it represents a decrease in killing over time.  I thought her response was a gem worth sharing:

They lack…that certain spark. The can-do attitude of “Why, we can put the show on right here!” that inspires people and leads to creative problem-solving. I suspect that it’s very frustrating for them.  They’re Spock trying to be Kirk. Probably frustrating as hell for the people around them, too.

But you can see where that would lead to the “baby steps” attitude.

I wish I’d written that.

6 thoughts on “Mailbag

  1. Please remember that, technically, Spock would never accept killing any animals, as killing even the least of sentient beings is abhorrent to Vulcans. I know it’s just a tv show to most people, but it’s better to make correct comparisons, if you’re going to. Maybe try Earth philosophers, such as Rene Descartes and Buddha..

    1. I interpreted the comparison being the highly intelligent but emotionally detached vs. the magnetic leader who gets the job done with flair, even if some traditional rules get broken along the way.


      An Anonymous Trekkie (TOS)

  2. I just wouldn’t compare ‘shelter’ directors who can’t/won’t even try to think (out of the box or at all) about how to change their killing ways, with the highly intelligent Mr.Spock. The emotional detachment of Vulcans is directly related to the overwhelming need to distance oneself from violence and killing, which is completely different from being lazy and truly uncaring.

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