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Kayak, a dog picked up by Ewing Township Animal Control in New Jersey.  (photo submitted by Elizabeth)
Kayak, a dog at the Ewing Animal Shelter in New Jersey. (photo submitted by Elizabeth)

Submitted by Elizabeth, who tells the dog’s story:

Meet Kayak! Kayak found himself in a bit of trouble on March 30th when his owner tied him up to a post at Scudders Falls Recreational Park and walked out of his life. Kayak chewed through his leash and hung out at the park throughout the day. When a group of whitewater kayakers came to go paddling he started following them around. He wouldn’t let anyone touch him but allowed them to feed him in a bowl then ran away when they got too close. He never showed any signs of aggression. He even sniffed an aggressive dog on the nose and did nothing but wag his tail in a fast, friendly manner till the other dog started barking and growling at him and he backed away. The aggressive dog was put in his owner’s car and that was the end of that. He really seemed to just want to go home with someone but was too scared to allow anyone to actually touch him.

A man who was at the park finally convinced the dog to let him re-leash him and animal control was called to come pick up the dog as no one could take him home themselves. You would think this would be a happy ending but sadly its not. Kayak was scared by the animal control officer’s mishandling and ended up biting the officer on the hand, drawing blood, in his dog run. The animal control officer and ONLY the animal control officer is saying that this dog is very aggressive and needs to be put down. The shelter staff sees him as scared and not aggressive. All 10-15 people who met the dog at Scudders Falls did not see him as aggressive. He never made an aggressive gesture at anyone or any dog at the park.

Animal control is willing to allow Kayak to go to a person or rescue outside of Ewing Township, NJ. Kayak could use rescue or at least someone willing to come in and analyze his behavior The person or rescue would need to sign waivers and to have him removed from the township. Kayak can be located in the bite quarantine area of the Ewing Animal Shelter. If you call, ask about him as “The Scudders Falls dog” and they will know who you are talking about. They won’t know him as Kayak as they have not named him in the shelter. Kayak could use some help ASAP!!!

Their adoption hours are 1-3 pm Monday through Friday. You can make an appointment to see the animals at other times by calling (609) 771-8076. If you are interested in meeting with the dog I would call that number first and if you get no reply try calling the animal control officer at (609) 883-2900 x7175. I would also email Mark Phillips to let him know you are interested and coming.

Ewing Animal Shelter
2 Jake Garzio Drive
Ewing, NJ 08628

(609) 771-8076

This shelter’s kill rate is unknown.

Kayak (photo submitted by Elizabeth)
Kayak (photo submitted by Elizabeth)

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  1. Has anybody contacted Pets Alive? Not sure how close they would be, but I think they have the special kind of programs that could help this dog.

  2. please somebody help poor kayak.. he seems lost and sad.. he seems to be s sweet boy… please help kayak..

  3. life can be hell for a fearful shelter pet who is kenneled in isolation without social contact in a quarantine.. have written to a couple of pitty rescues in New Jersey.. hope things turn out well for Kayak..

  4. Crucial facts have come up in this story!! Please read ASAP!

    Some interesting facts have emerged in the story of Kayak the abandoned dog from Scudders falls. First off the “bite” was actually a nip that occurred when the animal control officer stuck his hand into his closed kennel. Kayak barks and lunges at the kennel door when you first approach but quickly knocks that off once he realizes he is getting treats. After spending an hour with him I could not see how anyone who knew anything about dogs especially someone who gets paid to handle dogs for a living could have been bit by this dog.
    I visited Kayak at the shelter today and he was a total love with the shelter employee who went into his kennel and after he barked at me quite a bit he began to sit and gently take treats from me. Because he was in quarantine he was not allowed to come out but I got to know him quite well from outside his kennel during the hour I was there.
    The shelter staff woman informed me he was young probably about a year and a half old judging by his teeth. She stuck her hands into his mouth and showed me. He loves toys and treats. He knows how to sit. I sound like an idiot on all the videos I took cause I was yelling “SIT!” at him. He listened about a quarter of the time and I probably should have just given him the treats but I felt he should have been doing something for them. He takes treats very very gently. There were no accidental teeth on my hands. He enjoys ripping up plush toys in the matter of minutes and likes blankets. He is most likely housebroken as his kennel has an indoor and outdoor section and he uses the bathroom outside. He also needs to be neutered ASAP as he loves to hump. The poor shelter staff woman went into the kennel and tried to take a video of him and he spent most of his time trying to hump her.
    I have videos on my phone but for the life of me can’t figure out how to get them online. I’ll gladly email them to anyone who can get them online for me!
    Also it seems that the ACO has a personal vendetta against one of the staff members as well as this dog. I was informed that “tempers were high” and basically that the ACO was acting on personal feelings and not as a professional. I caught the ACO in a lie yesterday afternoon. He told me the dog was aggressive and attacked everyone. I told him that I was informed the dog barks and lunges at the kennel door but once inside the kennel he was fine. He told me no one had been in the kennel for ten days as it was illegal. I asked him about cleaning feeding ect and he said oh well hes okay with one person but he attacks everyone else. I knew for a fact before asking the question that multiple people had been in his kennel and he was fine. He also must have lied to the judge in order to press for the dog to be dangerous and have him euthanized. It seems that’s not going to happen as several testimonials from people at scudders and staff members proved the exact opposite. The ACO leaves a bad taste in my mouth and feel as if the man may even have taunted the dog to get him to nip him. I am writing a formal complaint to the mayor as I feel this man is not competent enough for the job and has abused his powers.

      1. Shirley from my understanding that after Kayak nipped the animal control officer, the ACO attempted to have him deemed a dangerous dog and to have him “euthanized”. So I guess that is where the judge comes in.
        The business administrator who is basically the ACOs boss had a meeting about the dog two days ago between him and the director of Easel which is a rescue that works closely with the shelter. The meeting lasted two hours and received this as part of an email telling me about the meeting. “The business administrator was going to check with the judge about the ACO’s attempt to deem the dog dangerous. I gave him a folder with the email accounts in it, including the one about the ACO’s handling of the situation.”
        I’m going to find out more information and I’m sorry that I seem so scattered on this. I knew nothing about all this bureaucracy till I wanted to rescue Kayak.

        Here are some videos of kayak

        Kayak getting some love from a shelter employee

        Kayak takes a toy

        Kayak sits, takes treats, then barks at me

        Kayak attempting to make love to shelter employee, sits, then takes treat nicely. Warning most of this video is Kayak trying to hump and the shelter employee telling him to knock it off! This woman was great with all the dogs there and is someone I like to see at an animal shelter.

        I have more videos but its taking forever to upload them so these are what I have. I plan on seeing him tomorrow and he should be off quarantine so I can hang out with him without the cage inbetween us.

      2. Eek Shirley you must think I’m very disorganized as I left this out. I was told by animal control, and the animal shelter that Kayak would be allowed to go to any person or rescue that was outside the township. They told me this when I first inquired which was after the nip and I’m assuming nothing has changed but I already sent an email out to clarify everything.

  5. I too was there the day this dog was “rescued.” From a personal experience, I can say that he was a very sweet but scared animal. He only seemed to be aggressive but was in fact not. At no point did he bite anyone or go after anyone that was there that day. He allowed people to come right up to him, ate out of their hands, but was very skittish as he was terrified. It was obvious that he was there waiting for his owner to return. I have some great pictures of Kayak that I would love to share. My email is if anyone would like to see them. I would love to help, please let me know what I can do.

  6. I just forwarded this entire thread to John Sibley to see if he might be able to get Pets Alive involved. I fear with an ACO who wants him dead that he might be in imminent danger of losing his life. If you are a contributor to Pets Alive, please contact them and let them know you’d like them to consider helping Kayak.

  7. I was there the day Kayak was abandoned. I could feed him treats and he wagged his tail when I talked to him. He was so afraid that I could not get close enough to him to touch his leash. I do know that animal control tried to catch him and gave up after a while and then when a wonderful man finally gained his trust animal control was call back. I saw the man get out of his van, approach Kayak, and tap a scared dog right in his nose a few times. I’m not am expert, but I am a pit bull owner and I would never have a stranger tap my dog in his nose at all. I hope someone can step in and save this dog!!

  8. Here are some videos of kayak. I sound really stupid in all the videos. Half the time I’m telling him to sit the other half I’m talking to him like hes human! lol

    Kayak getting some love from a shelter employee

    Kayak takes a toy

    Kayak sits, takes treats, then barks at me

    Kayak attempting to make love to shelter employee, sits, then takes treat nicely. Warning most of this video is Kayak trying to hump and the shelter employee telling him to knock it off! This woman was great with all the dogs there and is someone I like to see at an animal shelter.

    I have more videos but its taking forever to upload them so these are what I have. I plan on seeing him tomorrow and he should be off quarantine so I can hang out with him without the cage inbetween us.

    DB I’ll shoot pets alive an email sometime this afternoon. I honestly don’t think this dog needs a sanctuary, he just needs an experienced home but with the whole ACO officer trying to kill the dog anywhere at this point is better then nowhere.

    Thank you Suju for writing to the rescues in the area. Maybe sending any who have replied these videos may help?

      1. Please contact Pets Alive and see if they would be willing to take Kayak. Since I live out of state, there’s little more I can do. What a beautiful pup!

      2. Hi Liz, am suju from bangalore, sorry for not writing earlier, phone line was down and could not access internet till today.. the people i wrote to did not reply.. i have written to some more rescues with links to Kayak’s photo and videos.. he is a beautiful pup….hope things turn out well for him and he finds a loving home.. i can see that you are so committed to helping this baby and i wish you all luck..

  9. To Maria: the man you saw get out of his truck and tap the dog on the nose….was it the ACO or was it the guy who first collared him? Please write to Mark Phillips at the shelter describing what you saw. Mark is giving all of our emails to the township business administrator…the more letters, the better.

    1. It was the ACO. Kayak seemed so attached to the stranger that was able to get hold of his leash. He was the one that put him in the van. Is there an email address to contact Mark Phillips?

  10. You can go to the Animal Shelter website and I believe Liz posted it as part of the story, or you can go to my FB page.

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