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    1. Right on! But the bottom line is they will not change because they choose not to. They are nothing but a killing facility, raising money under the guise of a “shelter”. How to get that message out to the masses that think they really are who they would like us to think they are . . .

    2. I think they would be happy to provide large syringes filled with fatal plus to anyone with a cow to kill, provided the animal’s body is tossed in the nearest dumpster afterwards, since consumption by any other living being is clearly a waste of life. Or, something….

  1. PETA has a pretty specific legal distinction to the state: they are regulated as an animal shelter that takes in animals “for the purposes of adoption”. If they wanted to run a euth center or vet clinic, they wouldn’t need to declare themselves a “shelter”. (though they would probably need to hire a vet to be on site…)

    Really the only plausible reason for calling themselves a “shelter” (and at their save rate they are nothing of the sort) is so they may solicit the public to surrender their animals there under false pretenses.

    1. I think fundraising is another plausible reason. After all, “Donate – we run an animal shelter!” sounds more appealing than “Donate – we run a pet killing facility!”

      1. Ditto my dear friend!! PETA has never been anything but a bunch of propaganda to raise money in the name of being some sort of “shelter” to put in their own pockets. I just wonder if they think the entire public is that stupid? I’ve known this for YEARS!! I despise them and will never ever give them a dime and I share with most of the people I meet the very same thing. Exactly what they are. MURDERERS!!!

    2. I once received an email from PETA soliciting a donation illustrated with – of all breeds – a pit bull. I wrote them back immediately asking how they can use this bully breed for solicitations when Newkirk clearly advocates extermination of the breed(s). I received doublespeak and propaganda. What’s the use with PETA?

  2. Ask them for a copy of their adoption application and hours they are open to the public so you can view the animals at the “shelter”.

  3. I am SO tired of the people, who mass slaugher animals, saying that “we all want the same thing”. We so do not want the same thing. Not even a little bit.

    I am also tired of the lie that “we are a shelter of last resort” when so many people have come forward, including during trial, with proof that it is not even close to the truth.

    How can so many people come together in one place, with so many excuses to kill adoptable animals? Is there something in the water in VA that makes people insane?

    1. Yeh, even the traditional kill shelters sing the same “kumbaya” song — “We all want the same thing” and “Can’t we all just get along?” No, we don’t and no we can’t!

      1. And the sad thing is, as long as we all “want the same thing” as they say… we NEVER WILL get along! Because we do NOT want the same thing they do! We work tirelessly to keep them alive while they work tirelessly to KILL them.

  4. Looks like Nathan’s new article has them scrambling for more excuses. They just issued a “press release” with the new excuse for killing —– blame the rescuers, calling 1/4 of us “hoarders”.

    “In addition to turning animals away, “no-kill” policies have another dire effect on homeless dogs and cats: As the popularity of these policies grows, cases of hoarding are skyrocketing. It is now estimated that “rescues” make up 25 percent of the 6,000 new hoarding cases reported in the U.S. each year.”


  5. In the county, where I live, they consider you a “hoarder” if you have more than 5 pets in a residential area. You can have all the pets you want if you are zoned agricultural. Weird.

  6. There are so many beautiful stories about dogs brought back from the brink of death by extraordinary measures by loving people. How can a multi-million $$ organization even pretend to be a last resort? And how can they continue to be taken seriously by the media year after year?

  7. ‘We all want the same thing: to end animal suffering’

    I found this statement creepy as hell, since in Peta’s view ‘killing them’ is considered a legitimate way to alleviate suffering (which in Peta’s mind, is what ‘being a pet’ is — torture and slavery). The fact that pretty much all of their animals are only homeless, makes their definition of ‘suffering’ even more creepy and sick. Ultimate kindness = death. They’re a slaughterhouse run by a nihilistic death cult.

  8. Shirley too bad you can’t get that time you spent writing to them back. : / but glad you told it like it was.

  9. They have finally been brought out of the shadows now and everyone knows what they are really about.. now they have to find a place to HIDE because what they are doing is so shameful, inhumane and indifferent to animals. They don’t care about the animals. All they want is more money in their own pockets. PETA you can’t run and hide forever! And you know what else? KARMA is a bitch! Remember that the next time you try and raise money in the name of saving animals.. all you do as far as saving them is putting an end to their lives just because they don’t have a home! WE however are actively looking for forever HOMES for these poor animals that so richly deserve them! I put you right in there with the ranks of any other animal abuser!

  10. This is hilarious to me, and extremely sad, frustrating, and infuriating. I thought “we all want the same thing” was a paraphrase, cliche or simplification of what these groups say; but for PETA to use that actual phrase only emphasizes how stupid, ignorant, and out of touch with everyone they are.

  11. Few things here…

    1- Good for you, Shirley! Im glad you not only called them out on their BS (which you do often on this page) but that they read it and responded to it. I figured that they would just let it go.
    2- That statement about “wanting the same things” was very creepy. Ending animal suffering by giving them all homes is not the same thing as killing them all so there are no more companion animals!
    3- I think more people are becoming aware to the awfulness that is PeTA. I was unaware of the bad things they did until 2 years ago and by that time, a lot of other people were like “Oh yeah, I know too” and I’m starting to see more people awakened as well.
    4- I subscribe to PeTA’s email lists NOT because I give money or anything like that, but it’s sort of a “keep your enemies closer” kind of thing, and 97% of their emails, which they do a lot of, is just asking for money. Shameful.

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