Former Employee/Volunteer at Wake Co Pound Under Arrest for Bestiality

The Wake Co pound in Raleigh, NC kills roughly half of the 11,000 animals it takes in each year.  That’s a lot of pet killing and a lot of soul killing of human beings who work and volunteer in that environment.  Perhaps that’s why no one at the pound apparently noticed they were working with someone who sexually abused dogs:

Wake County Magistrate J.D. Saferight said [Seadon Collins Etienne] Henrich first began working at the animal shelter as a volunteer and was eventually hired full time. He left the agency but returned as a volunteer who worked by himself at night, alone with the dogs.

The guy allegedly raping dogs over an 18 month period apparently didn’t raise any red flags with those who worked or volunteered at the pound.  He got caught because he posted photos of himself raping the pets on the internet.  Mr. Henrich was arrested last week “and charged with four counts of crime against nature and three counts of felony dissemination of obscenity.”

He has been offered bail:

Henrich was placed in the Wake County jail early Thursday afternoon under $70,000 bail. If he does post bail, he has been ordered to not go into any public or private facility where animals are kept.

Fine. What about the dog (or dogs) he may have at his home? When a local news reporter visited the man’s home, he was greeted by a barking dog outside who was quickly put indoors by a woman there.

Mr. Henrich appeared in court on Friday and is due for his next court appearance on May 9.  If convicted on all charges, he faces up to 14 years in jail.

The pound has offered no comment.  I hope they seriously reconsider killing thousands of pets every year in favor of saving them.  The killing environment does more than harm animals – it hurts people too.  If the Wake Co pound had anything close to a compassionate environment full of people dedicated to protecting animals, I question whether a dog rapist might not have shown up on someone’s radar at some point during the 18 months these crimes allegedly took place.  It’s too late for Wake Co to protect the dogs allegedly abused by Mr. Henrich or to protect any of the animals they’ve already killed.  But they could start protecting the animals they have today.  I hope they do.

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28 thoughts on “Former Employee/Volunteer at Wake Co Pound Under Arrest for Bestiality

  1. I am discusted and sadden by this. All animals and children should be removed fom his home immediately. I’m hoping he doesn’t make bail.

  2. Says volumes that the comments on the news story seem to be of one of two camps: a) kill the bastard or b) some nefarious insinuation that it’s no different than same sex marriage. And frankly, as a journalist, it was a piss poor piece of reporting.

    Four dogs? In 18 months? Male dogs, female dogs, big dogs, little dogs? Any cats? What exactly did he do? Are we talking simple “molestation” as the headline states or vaginal penetration or what? (Not that I think any of it is appropriate.)

    1. There are 3 different linked stories. Going on memory, I think one said the photos depicted him “engaged in a sex act” with dogs. My guess would be that they have photos of him with 4 different dogs and that’s why they are charging him with crimes against those 4 dogs. Wake Co probably put at least some of his victims in the dumpster. Or if he was clever, he may have specifically targeted dogs on the kill list, knowing the pound would destroy the evidence for him.

      1. “Engaged in a sex act” is pretty vague. It’s not that I have any need to know, it’s just that from the point if view of an editor, that’s unacceptably fuzzy.

    2. He was caught because he made videos of himself abusing those dogs and posted on a website featuring beastiality! He for all purposes turned himself in. Guess he considered himself such a star.

      There were probably more than just those four dogs. There should have been no dogs abused.

      1. Arlene, my point is how was he abusing them and why doesn’t the story say? It’s further confused because the headline says “molesting.” Is my vet “molesting” my dog when she collects a semen sample? (No implications about my vet!)

  3. I don’t need to know what he did specifically. He abused animals. Period. That should be sufficient for those not involved in his trial in any way. He is an abuser. Protect those in his charge now.

    1. I agree with you completely. The authorities have photos to make their case. The public does not need to know those details. There is a difference between wanting information and being exploitative.

  4. Wow. Just wow. How did no one notice this? How can the people who volunteer or work there sleep at night?? I’m just appalled at this behavior, not only the killing but the abuse. Disgusting. I hope he never sees the light of day.

  5. In defense of Wake County Animal Shelter, like most shelters, they take in far more animals than they are forced to euthanize. As soon as they were made aware of Henrich’s sexual activities with the dogs, they took action. A huge challenge with investigations of this nature is that animal sex offenders like Henrich are very clever when taking photographs; they try to avoid identifying details as much as possible, but they do brag about their crimes and this is how he got caught. Please support the shelter by a) never ever breeding your dog, b) never ever buying a dog from a pet store, c) adopting a pet from a shelter and keeping it for life, and d) insisting on stronger penalties for animal sexual offenders. These cases are rarely prosecuted as sexual assault or even property crimes, but rather as animal cruelty which is often difficult to prove, and which carries limited penalties.

    1. I really enjoy how, for some feedback loops masquerading as persons, every single instance of animal cruelty trips the “all dog breeders are evil” and “spay your pet or you are a war criminal” circuits.

      Really? The response to the dog rapist story is to start prattling about breeding?

  6. Just who did he think would want to see his sick photos/videos? The guy is too demented to understand his sick acts are bad enough, but to photo himself? Then post the photos online? That’s 3 things right there that proves his insanity.

    Did the dogs come on to him? Were the dogs just too cute/sexy to pass up? Did he take them to dinner first? Was it on their first date? Did he buy any one of them any gifts? Were they wearing lipstick? I hope he kissed them first.

    There’s NO excuse. Please don’t thing I am defending him ’cause he belongs locked up, away from promiscuous dogs.

  7. This is just sickening and on every level reprehensible.

    A shelter employee in my county actually posted this story to our county “No Kill” facebook page as a defense for their lack of (and unwillingness to start) a volunteer program. Genius.

    1. Right. Because if you start a volunteer program it means the only people you’ll get will be dog rapists and there will be no one supervising them. That’s the one and only shelter volunteer “program” available. Unsupervised dog rapists.

  8. I hope they prosecute this monster to the fullest extent of the law and never allow him to come in contact with or own another animal, EVER! He deserves a long prison term, where Karma will make sure he is VIOLENTLY RAPED on a daily basis, just like he did to these defenseless babies in the pound and at his home. THIS IS SICK AND DEMENTED!

  9. This is just too sick and depraved For words.
    But on the surface I don’t see how the shelter did not know something was harming the dogs. There is residuidal bleeding and tissue damage easily seen by anyone looking. Not to mention probably some muscle damage from being forced down.
    I don’t let the shelter off on this one- they hired this sicko.

  10. What, no security cameras? He only got caught by his own stupidity and sicky ego? That speaks volumes for that shelter.

    1. Would you like me to check your e-mail and update your status on Facebook too? Remove yourself. I have no control over what feeds you subscribe to and even if I did, I wouldn’t waste my time managing other people’s feeds.

      On Wed, Apr 24, 2013 at 10:09 PM, YesBiscuit!

  11. I can’t imagine the hell in the minds of the abused dogs, then being killed – all by human beings. The very ones dogs look up to to protect, care for & love them. Dogs, just like people, have a thinking, reasoning mind that knows right from wrong, & suffers as much as a person would.
    My heart bleeds for all the dogs unfortunate enough to be captured by any animal control, having their precious lives snuffed out by the “human” beings expected to protect & love them. All those responsible for dogs & cats deaths will answer for their injustice & cruelty when their number is up, but it’s not soon enough.

    I’m not making any threat as I don’t believe violence is right from anyone. I just want the executioners to understand just how wrong they are in killing instead of working toward adoptions. The killing has to stop.

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