Shelter Pet of the Day

maya mas

Submitted by Jody and Ona.

Maya, ID #A252702
Pit Bull (?) Female
7 years old, 50 lbs (at intake, per cage card)
Heartworm Negative
Owner Surrendered on March 27, 2013

Jody asked MAS if Maya was pregnant and was told by a supervisor that the vet staff does “not believe that Maya is pregnant at this time, but without an ultrasound we cannot definitively make this determination.”  Maya weighs 66 pounds today, per MAS, which is a gain of 16 pounds in less than 4 weeks.  Oh and this is what her belly looks like:

maya belly

I don’t have an ultrasound machine either, nor did I got to vet school but I’m willing to go out on a limb and say this dog is pregnant. If you can help share her, that would be great. She has until close of business on Tuesday, April 23.  Anyone wanting to help Maya may leave comments here.

In 2012, MAS killed 69% of the pets in its care.

Memphis Animal Services
2350 Appling City Cove
Memphis, TN 38133

(901) 636-1416

19 thoughts on “Shelter Pet of the Day

  1. This is one sweet dog! She craves attention (don’t they all?!) and looks more like a chocolate lab mix….I hope someone can pull her soon, as time is not on her side….Thank you, Shirley, for highlighting this sweet girl.

  2. I am praying that someone can step up and help her! Wish I could take her myself – but we just took in another dog and now have 2 females that are already aggressive to other females so I couldn’t possibly take in another female, especially a pregnant one. And I am kind of far away & she probably shouldn’t travel too far in her present condition.

    If there is a financial need to help her please let me know and I will contribute as much as I can to help…anything to get her & those unborn babies out of that sorry ass excuse of a shelter. Especially seeing how they can’t tell if she is pregnant or not….doesn’t surprise me considering it’s MAS.

  3. Unfortunately – no progress on getting her out of MAS. A blast e-mail will be going out shortly – hoping we get some interest because this is so painful to think she only has til 6:45 tonight….

  4. Sharing. She’s very pregnant. A very pretty Weimaraner mix girl looks like to me. Pink jowls – silver coat and what a smile! Sharing.

  5. Maya is safe. I will be taking her home tomorrow after she is spayed, I have already completed the paperwork. MAS said that an xray was done, and that she is not pregnant, although it looks like she might have recently had puppies.

    1. Thank you for helping her. X-ray has very limited use in determining pregnancy as I’ve discussed previously. MAS knows this and should not attempt to deceive the public by implying that it has more than a narrow window for use.

    2. I made an offer of financial help – it still stands if you need it. Otherwise I will be making a donation in her honor to a local shelter (that truly is a SHELTER). Thanks for getting this beautiful dog out of that killing factory.

      1. Thank you. You can make a donation to Blue Sky Dog Rescue, (, they are paying for her vetting. I am fostering through them. :-)

      2. I am sending a check to help with Maya’s care. Thanks again for helping her out. She looks like she’s a wonderful dog.

      3. Thanks so much. Maya is a wonderful dog, she just needed some love. She is a completely different dog this morning, happy with her tail wagging. A big change from yesterday.

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