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NC state lawmaker Rodney Moore proposed a law requiring criminal background checks for owners of Pitbulls, Rottweilers, Mastiffs and other large breed dogs.  Under the bill, owners would have had to take special training courses and pay for an “aggressive dog” permit.  The bill died in committee.  The money quote:

Mr. Moore said he wasn’t sure that the breeds designated by the bill as aggressive are ones “with the most incidents,” but he said they “were the most prevalent by the feedback that I’ve gotten,” according to WRAL.

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The first person charged under the “ag-gag laws” which have been cropping up (lulz) around the country is a woman in Draper City, UT.  She stood on the street and filmed a slaughterhouse owned by the Draper City mayor.  Which you know, total coincidence that she was charged of course.  Charges were very quickly dropped after widespread public backlash – because that’s what cowards do.

Life magazine has a slideshow of rare photos from the 1955 Kentucky Derby.  Although most of the pictures depict people, there is a great horse and trainer photo at the beginning.

Food safety news for those who feed ground turkey to their pets or eat it themselves.

A baby sloth hugging a stuffed monkey will cure what ails you.  (Thank you Clarice.)

From HellYesBiscuit:  A change of pace.

Side note:  I’ve been having some major computer problems which accounts for why I haven’t been online as much as usual lately.  I can not use Facebook at all right now so if you have messaged me there, I haven’t been able to read it.  Feel free to e-mail me instead.

8 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. I’m going to designate Mr. Moore as an idiot. I’m not sure if he really is an idiot, but he is based on the feedback I’ve gotten.

  2. Must be a big time idiot. Even after he owned pit bulls in the past he still brought this bill forward

  3. Are you using Internet Explorer? If so, it likely upgraded you to IE 10, which for some reason isn’t allowing for seemless integration with typepad, facebook, and others. So if you use IE, try things in Chrome and see if it helps….

      1. I recently had some weird issues with Firefox’s integration with a very specific site/company (not Facebook), so ditto the suggestion to try a different browser!

  4. After stuff I heard today I would not doubt there is a effort to send us no-kill folk a virus- my FB page has been almost inoperable for about two weeks. Maybe the guvmt considers us home grown…..bad guys.

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