21 thoughts on “That Tree Branch Could Be a Schoolbus Full of Kiddies!

  1. Probably the only thing the “pit bulls are all killers” crowd will point out is how strong his jaws are and that’s why when they bite (and they all do, you know), they lock on and kill whatever they are biting.
    I, too, hope that they yanked that branch down. What focus!

  2. I’d be more impressed if the owner showed an ability to get the dog to release. Otherwise, this video is not helping the “pit bulls are just like any other dog” argument, regardless of what the dog happens to be wearing.

    1. The dog is only latched on for a minute. He looks like he’s having fun in a silly way to me. Like any other dog. None of us knows what happened after the video ends.

  3. He’s a terrier, for god’s sake. My daughter’s little JRT used to be able to tug with all 4 feet in midair. I have no idea how he could do that with nothing to brace on, but he could.

  4. Terriers. They are astonishing beasts.

    I played this video for my niece. Her eyes opened wide at the sounds the dog was making because that is the SAME SOUND our wirehaired terrier mix makes when she is trying to eat through a massive fallen maple tree because she KNOWS there’s a chipmunk in it somewhere. Terrier levels of frustration can be intense.

    People knowledgeable about dogs will laugh at the video, seeing a dog putting her terrier all into an impossible task . People who fear them will be terrified, I think, conjuring up images of “locking jaws” and insane power.

    1. There *is* a chipmunk in there. Please relate my message to the dog. Whispering it in her ear would be the preferred delivery method.

      1. You’re a cruel woman. Perhaps not as cruel as I, though. I have been known to imitate the chipmunk distress call in order to distract the dog away from an actual live squirrel or bunny…terrier girl can’t help but run towards the sound of a chipmunk in distress!

    2. This was my point. I look at it, and I see a very athletic, happy dog. From a training standpoint, any dog with this kind of tenacity needs a firm release command. Any dog. Any breed. Any size.

      But from a pibble-hater pov, this is proof of an out of control dog with a death grip. I wasn’t giving that opinion validity, but rather pointing out that well trained pibbles are a much better example if you’re trying to win people over.

      Just sayin’.

      1. Why place the extreme burden of “trying to win people over” just because the dog happens to be a Pitbull? All dogs are entitled to have fun, their owners are entitled to post said fun on the internet and all dog lovers should feel free to enjoy and share the clips if they so desire. No one here has any knowledge regarding whether this dog has a release command and it’s purely speculation to discuss it. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

      2. People often don’t understand what they’re seeing. How many of those “America’s Funniest Videos” really examples of animals either highly stressed or in distress? Yet people who cannot read the body language, see something they think is funny and laugh…

        It’s astonishing to me that we as a species have lived with dogs in our midst for SO LONG, yet most of us still cannot *read* them *AT ALL*. How has that happened? I don’t understand how we still have such a barrier when it comes to interspecies communication. Dogs read humans well enough, so clearly the fault lies with the human side of the equation.

        This is not any kind of insightful answer to the problem, just a frustrated observation. Good thing I don’t make frustrated terrier sounds or people would stare!

      3. People don’t read other people particularly well, at least according to my observations. Profiling based upon appearances is a problem with people as well. Nevertheless, it’s up to each of us to decide if we are going to live our lives enjoyably and peacefully or remain under constant threat of scrutiny, behaving in an exemplary fashion at all times, in order to cater to bigots and their hate.

  5. I just played this with the volume up. Three of my pittie girls laying at my feet. I have played many videos on youtube of dogs doing different things and my dogs will come in the room, and depending on what they are listening to,.. they react differently.
    For me I saw an athlete having a wonderful time. My dogs just laid there, didn’t even pay any attention to the sounds that dog was making. Me and my dogs believe that dog is having a ball and I’m very happy to see that.

  6. That made me laugh so much. She’s not so much gyrating (which to my dirty mind always sounds vaguely obscene no matter the context) but she’s more “whirleygigging” if I may create a word, which I just did because I can.

    And the noises! Our “pitbull type dog” used to be crated at night and he made all those same noises in extreme frustration. It kept us laughing even though we were irritated that we wanted to sleep. He only did that as long as he was able to find different ways to escape. We would stymie him and he’d carry on but he finally stopped when we bought an all steel industrial strength bear-type cage because there was no escape. Now he’s trustworthy but the bear cage is around to keep him in line.

    The vocal creativity of some dogs is amazing.

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