Prospect of Killing Fewer Pitbulls Gives Nashville AC the Shakes

Metro Animal Control in Nashville has been killing every Pitbull they touch for 15 years.  Pet advocates have been pushing for reform of this nonsensical excuse for killing and indeed have achieved something.  Kind of a lousy, stinking something but um, yay I guess.

Here’s the deal:  Metro AC has decided to end the policy of killing all dogs deemed “Pitbull” simply because they’ve been labeled that by Some Guy.  It could potentially mean a lot less killing since they take in so many Pitbull type dogs every year.  But apparently they can’t just go cold turkey on the less killing thing – they have to wean themselves off slowly.  So Metro AC has set up a weaning program for their pet killers.  They’re going to kill every Pitbull puppy they get their hands on until June 1.  It’s going to be hard to stop killing Pitbull puppies though so to ease the pain, they’ll keep killing all adult Pitbulls until September.

Come September, they’ll only kill Pitbulls who have “behavioral problems”.  Determining that is about as easy for an ACO as determining which dogs are Pitbulls because:

  1. No dog behaves normally in a pet killing facility and no single behavioral assessment should ever be used as an excuse for killing a dog.
  2. “Pitbull” is not a breed of dog and it is impossible to determine genetics on mixed breed dogs based upon body shape.

So I assume even after they wean off killing everything that looks like a Pitbull just because Some Guy said so, Metro AC will still be killing plenty of Pitbulls just because Some Guy said they look like a Pitbull and have a behavioral problem.  Win?

Here’s your money quote from Metro Animal Services manager Billy Biggs:

“Hopefully it’s going to be a big reduction in euthanasia here. Nobody here likes to euthanize things.”

There is a sweet Pibble type dog – I mean thing – in a red harness wagging her tail off in the video of Metro AC at the link.  I guess they’ll be killing her and all the other dogs shown because they got impounded during the weaning phase.

Nashville, you know the public believes killing dogs based on body shape is wrong.  That’s why you are changing your policy.  Don’t be a bunch of whiny asses who need to wean off killing.  Just stop it.  Today.  Right this second.  You know, since you don’t “like” doing it anyway.  And let that waggy dog in the red harness out of your pet killing facility.

(Thanks Devry for the link.)

13 thoughts on “Prospect of Killing Fewer Pitbulls Gives Nashville AC the Shakes

  1. Things? These are not things, but feeling, caring, loving living beings . . . Which means they are way ahead of the idiots who are going to continue killing them.

  2. I’ve racked my brains for a credible excuse that they can’t just stop killing dogs for their looks right now. Can’t think of a thing!
    Perhaps someone could ask them?

  3. As bad as it still is, this is at least a step (if only one that is MUCH too small) in the right direction versus going backward. We have a LOT of work to do and have been busy this week contacting MACC, news stations, government officials, and anybody who will listen in an effort to get MACC to do what they said they were going to do with no extra time needed.

    A group called Concerned Citizens for the Reform of MACC (for those who would like to join Nashville’s fight, their facebook page is has been working hard to bring down the 76% kill rate that Metro AC ‘hates’. They take in between 8,000-10,000 a year, so that’s a lot of animals who never have a chance. That translates to about 1 animal every 15 minutes. It’s heartbreaking!

    What we have now isn’t the best scenario, but at least pibbles will have a chance (albeit a small one) of getting out alive where before they had none. It breaks my heart to think of all those who will die needlessless between now and September 1. Hopefully, SOMEBODY either at MACC or higher up the chain, will do the right thing and stop it before anymore animals have to die.

    Nashville still has a long way to go, there’s no doubt about that. Believe me, animal advocates are very disappointed in the time delay, especially since this wasn’t what was said publicly at the meeting where the decision was announced. But the animal community is trying.

  4. Debbie – THANK YOU!

    I’m a founder of Concerned Citizens for Change. We started 8 months ago. We’ve had to really be creative to get information and find out about our own Animal Control. But we’ve got a good group. We’ve presented and met everyone who’s anyone except Mayor Dean so far – BUT the Mayor gave verbal notice to our petition in last month’s MACC Budget Hearing which was televised.

    We have alot of great support from citizens spreading the cause! Engaged citizens filled the room at the MACC Advisory Board Meetings. We’ve given leadership a fabulous proposal – with options of free labor, provided indepth statistics, spreadsheets, case studies, contacts in other locales, and more. We now have 10,035 signatures on our petition…so far! We’re getting animals out and saved – even though there is no rescue program – YET. THAT in itself has been a real creative endeavor.

    In the public meeting on Wednesday – Dr. Paul announced that they would stop killing Pit Bull Type Puppies immediately. It’s recorded. We applauded. Then yesterday he told the Tennessean that this will not be in effect until June 1. We don’t know why…but with MACC’s numbers – that means 415 or more will die in the next 3 weeks. Hmmmm… we don’t know why…

    We are having public Town Hall Meetings every couple weeks to meet and engage more citizens and partner with other local animal welfare groups so our numbers and presence is stronger. It’s going well and it’s hard work.

    The Director has been at MACC for 20 years – and 10,000 animals a year have been killed each year with no rescue program and only a handful (read 6) volunteers allowed in. Before MACC the Director was at Williamson County AC in TN. Same programs there back then.

    Due to the strength of the petition signers and the citizens engaging we defeated Rep. Brenda Gilmore’s Statewide Breed Ban Bill 2 weeks ago. NOW – Governor Haslam has an Ag Gag Bill on his desk which passed both the house and senate. He’s waffling…looks like he may go Laisseze-Faire and simply let it automatically morph into law by doing nothing. He certainly doesn’t want to piss off his base…

    Tomorrow’s another Town Hall Meeting at our East Precinct. There are only 9 of us and we don’t sleep – but citizens are signing up to join and volunteer and we’re growing quickly. Change is imminent. We just have to keep the fires hot.

    For the animals – Karen Moore Josephson – Nashville, TN

    1. Karen I haven’t been able to attend any meetings yet due to work commitments, but I share and do what I can via facebook. As a life-long (almost 57 years) resident of Nashville and an animal lover and advocate, this is an issue very dear to my heart. MACC needs a complete overhaul, but I’m glad (unlike some other cities) our citizens are trying to be proactive in making bringing about change.

      I’ve been SO disappointed in our illustrious governor’s performance thus far. This ag-gag bill is just more of the same. IF he allows this bill to pass and not veto it, it WILL be challenged in court. As has recently been reported, it is unconstitutional and infringes on free speech. Hopefully he will do the right thing and just stop it now. The cronyism needs to end!

      I support what Concerned Citizens for Change is doing! Your tireless efforts are making a difference!

    2. “In the public meeting on Wednesday – Dr. Paul announced that they would stop killing Pit Bull Type Puppies immediately. It’s recorded. We applauded. Then yesterday he told the Tennessean that this will not be in effect until June 1.”

      If I were a local, I might consider holding my applause on future promises made by these liars. I wonder what’s going to happen on June 1.

  5. hey HSUS is in Nashville all week with tons of “shelter” people.. at their Hey shelters pay us for our stuff cause we don;t have any money and you do conference. If they aren;t to busy trying to stop the bill that stops absue SB 1248 they could mosey over and lobby them to stop NOW after all HSUS loves “pit bulls”

    1. I wish they WOULD come by and get involved at the grass roots shelter level. We haven’t heard a word from out State Rep. about what’s going on at MACC – or even what we’re trying to do. It was a pleasure to have Rick DuCharme from Target Zero Institute attend the MACC Board Meeting and speak this week. He was in town for the HSUS Expo and took the time to visit and to discuss at length.

  6. Well said, Yesbiscuit… Metro Animal Control, stop the killing of Pit-bull type puppies and dogs NOW .. let the innocent ones who have done no wrong, LIVE THEIR LIFE IN PEACE..

  7. When will they come out of the middle ages and resume to kindness and humanity. These are lives, not numbers!

    1. I just saw that Knox county in East Tennessee has a violent dog registry! It works like the sex offender registry. They have a map that shows where every dog lives and what the did to make the list. That’s insane!

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