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  1. Some sort of pigeon but I have absolutely no idea of what variety. If they are endangered in the wild (which anything that beautiful usually is), I will be happy to raise them for future wild release. Absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for posting the pic.

  2. I have no earthly idea what species, but it is one more beautiful pigeon! “Squab!” (Joking about the squab! remember Angus on 2 and a half men? And Charlie trying to tell him what “squab” was on the menu? )


    This is a Nicobar Pigeon. From the bird’s Wiki entry:

    The Nicobar Pigeon (Caloenas nicobarica) is a pigeon found on small islands and in coastal regions from the Nicobar Islands, east through the Malay Archipelago, to the Solomons and Palau.
    Nicobar Pigeons are hunted in considerable numbers for food, and also for their gizzard stone which is used in jewelry. The species is also trapped for the local pet market, but as it is on CITES Appendix I, such trade is generally illegal. Internationally, captive breeding is able to supply the birds demanded by zoos, where this attractive and unusual bird is often seen. Direct exploitation of the species, even including the illegal trade, might be sustainable on its own; however, its available nesting habitat is decreasing. For one thing, the offshore islets which it requires are often logged for plantations, destroyed by construction activity, or polluted by nearby industry or harbours. Also, increased travel introduces predators to more and more of the breeding sites, and colonies of the Nicobar Pigeon may be driven to desert such locations or be destroyed outright. Though the bird is widely distributed and in some locations very common – even on small Palau it is still reasonably plentiful, with an estimated 1,000 adult birds remaining, its long-term future is increasingly being jeopardized. For these reasons, the IUCN considers C. nicobarica a Near Threatened species.

  4. Dang you beat me! I just saw this on a friends Pintrest page. and it said a Nicobar Pigeon.. I was floored that I found it in such an odd page.. but thanks anyway. I did figure it out in the strangest place! was just glancing at her photos of her animals and there it was.. amazing.. this is so much fun!

      1. I was just trying to pin my little Pom up there and I swear it took over 25 minutes to move one and then get the right one posted in the right place! I still haven’t figured out just exactly what good it’s for!! Have you?? EXCEPT to suck time!

  5. and about the bird. I figured it was being poached for something. An animal that pretty is never left alone just to flourish for it’s beauty. Someone has to come up with some sort of voodoo hoodoo that some part of it which involves KILLING it will do for you. ALL of it sucks canal water if you ask me. It’s like a Rhino horn.. duh.. cut their OWN fingernails. They’d get the same dang thing. Keratin!! Leave the Rhinos alone and I bet they could get enough off their own nasty toenails to curb the market on keratin and just pass it off as being Rhino horn!! really! Who is going to ask them if it’s actual Rhino or if it’s their own toenails? arrgh! really does piss me off!!

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