Waxing Rhetorical

On my worst days as a blogger, it seems like most commenters don’t bother showing up unless they want to disagree with me on something.  And I wonder why I am not in with the In Crowd, despite my numerous appealing qualities, which my Mom reassures me I possess.

On my best days, I remember that the overwhelming majority of readers never comment and since I am lucky enough to have readers, at least according to WordPress stats, I feel grateful.  There are plenty of places to find reading material on the web and the fact that anyone drops by this little cranny regularly is both humbling and happying.  Welcome to My Pretty Secluded Location.  There are clean towels.

In between the worst and best days are all the other days.  And on those days I think about plants and birds and rocks and things but also that I believe.  I really do.  I believe that the killing of shelter pets could end today, as untidy and challenging as it may prove in the short term, and that it could be maintained long term.  I believe that shelter dogs and cats have a right to live, regardless of whether they are being carried in their mother’s womb or have lived on the streets for 10 years.  I believe that no kill is possible and have resolved to live in accordance with its most basic tenet – that the life of every pet (and I use that as a general description meant to include feral cats and dogs) must be granted individual consideration and respect.  Sometimes it’s inconvenient and requires I make personal sacrifices.  I make them.  Because even if I didn’t want to, there are no reasonable alternatives.

So if there are days when you feel isolated, alienated, or helpless, or perhaps just find yourself wondering whether anyone in the no kill movement would actually stand by you and the homeless pets in your community if push came to shove, know that I will and I am.  This blog is a testament to that promise.  If you are fighting for the right of every dog and cat to live, go ahead and put me down as your +1.  And thank you for reading, which I should say more often.

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36 thoughts on “Waxing Rhetorical

  1. Thank you for all you do. I may not always comment, but I do always read and tweet your wise words.

  2. Thank you for all your efforts on behalf of animals! I don’t understand the sadistic trend the world has taken and since most of us are for the animals, why can’t the word of the masses make the necessary changes? There are too many devious and selfish people overseeing the shelters. I know it’s time for change, but why isn’t our word and work enough?

  3. I, also, should comment more – thank YOU Shirley – you have become the voice of so many of the pets we try to save – the voice of those that need us to be their voice, too!

  4. I “ditto” all the above. Because of you, Shirley, many animals have been saved in Memphis. There are so many more who need your (our) help. You ARE their voice.

  5. People disgust me! I can’t understand the mentality of all the killing and extinction we’re headed for! May God help us!

  6. And THANK YOU for blogging about this issue…too many people fear rocking the boat and instead are willingly keeping their mouths shut while the killing continues…thinking that it will help the animals. It doesn’t. BUT YOU know that.

    So THANK YOU…the rest of *us* don’t tell *you* enough how important this blog is to/for us and we should do a better job thanking you for the endless hours of hard work you put into this. It can’t be easy dealing with the mess of these so called shelters – in fact I KNOW it is draining, and yet you are so committed that you keep pushing onward for the change so many of us KNOW is possible!

  7. I read your blog often and then I tell everyone I know about it. Even when it’s not appropriate. Like the time I was at a wedding telling everyone who would listen about the atrocities at MAS. If it weren’t for you many people wouldn’t be aware of the broken shelter system.

  8. I never miss a day of your blog and have learned so much from it. Your work has given me the courage to make my views known in situations where it would be easier to say nothing. Thank you so much for all you do.

  9. every work day – I read you first. If I had a computer at home it would be every day.

  10. I join all of the voices of those who have spoken before me. Thank you for all you do for the shelter pets. If not for you then so many of them would go to their death unnoticed and unknown.

    I do appreciate you for giving voice to those who have no voice of their own. Thank you.

  11. I comment seldom, but I read your blog faithfully, and am so grateful to you for all you do.

    Oh, and I love the Don’t Panic towel. It’s not just for intergalactic hitchhikers anymore.

  12. I read all your posts and blogs and anything else I can find that you have written. I’ve shared your posts on my FB page and on our No Kill FB pages (No Kill Fayetteville and No Kill NWA). Thank you for putting into words what so many of us feel and believe.

  13. Some days it feels like the long haul, doesn’t it?

    But we must take heart. Years ago, it was a given that animals went to the shelter to die. Now, the times they are a changing. We are living the history that is to come. And while history is never fun while you’re in it, it’s important that you do your bit to shape it for the better.


  14. Thank you Shirley. I may not comment very much but I read you blog all the time and appreciate all you do for the No-Kill movement. You are doing great work. More and more of the public now understand what No Kill is and want it – demand it in their communities. We will get there.

  15. Thank you, Shirley. It is my, not exactly pleasure sometimes, but satisfaction to read Yes Biscuit every day. I believe as you do and as much as possible I try to support the cause.

  16. Love you.Read you. Share you. Educated, by you. Have that print hanging in my living room.

  17. Im with you Shirley 100%.!! You are awesome! Thank you so much for what you do for the animals and to keep us informed!

  18. we love you in India, Yesbiscuit.. we love your posts and your love for the shelter-pets in the USA.. and your ongoing battle and for their welfare..
    i can see how deeply the suffering of innocent animals affects you and it also affects all of us here too.. we want to see all killing of dogs and cats end and we will rejoice with you when the day comes.. so good luck to you..
    bless all those who care for the suffering of the helpless and innocent shelter-pets..

    1. Sometimes your posts are really hard to read because of the awfulness of what’s happening to so many beautiful animals. But we have to deal with the awfulness in order to change it. Thanks for doing the hard stuff ~ I’m sure there are many more stories that we never hear about.
      I like to think of animal welfare like ripples in a pond. If we each do our thing where we are, we create a ripple that will soon join the ripples of others doing their thing.
      Thank you for all you do! You are making a difference.

  19. Bless you Shirley! Your words have taught me that i am not alone in the things I have seen going on in the humane movement. they have given me the courage to speak out when needed to. your words also gave me the courage to keep going when a year ago i was “banned” from a shelter because i offended the board of directors.. things are better now than ever, because your words encourage me to reach out and find a niche and keep going. today i volunteer with a cat only shelter, with outreach throughout the state! and we are reaching out to statewide kill shelters, with mentoring, with supplies, and saving cats and kittens and teaching them how to save cats and kittens. i wuold never have gotten involved were it not for some words you spoke to me and through the things you write in your blog.. keep up the good work!

  20. Thank you – for your blog, even if it would be easier not to know the incredibly cruel and unnecessarily brutal treatment that animals experience every single day, even in places that call themselves shelters and are supposed to be helping the animals in their care. Thank you – for being able to put into words how it makes people who care about animals feel when they see these horrible things going on every day all over this country and seeing people getting away with it. You’re an incredible voice for the animals that are in these situation. I believe you’re right – that we can be a truly no-kill country. It would take a lot of work, and a lot of things would certainly have to change, but it is possible.

  21. THANKS, I have been reading your blog , every since you called out al. hsus, years ago, when they “rescued” dogs from a hoarding case, then sent them to die in kill shelters… Also, Thanks for exposing the truth of what is going on at the county shelter in Mobile, al. and for supporting our cause to make positive changes at the high kill shelter.

  22. Thank you for all you do and for being a voice for the animals. I totally agree with your blog above. No Kill Nation! That is what we must strive for no matter how daunting.

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