Why We Need Shelter Reform: Reason #44

This search term, which appeared in my WordPress stats this morning, says it all:

where can i take a stray dog and not have it put down

Directors, staff and apologists for pet killing facilities often blame the public for the killing, claiming you and I are guilty of myriad transgressions which “force” them to kill dogs and cats.  The truth:  The so-called irresponsible public does not want pets killed in “shelters”.  We want shelter directors and staff to do their jobs and provide true shelter to pets in need until they are reclaimed, rehomed, rescued or fostered.  We want no kill.

7 thoughts on “Why We Need Shelter Reform: Reason #44

  1. I think what is happening now is that the public has become more educated and aware about what is going on in the local shelters. Special in the small rural communities, the public did either not know what was going on in the shelter, did not want to know or they knew and just looked the other way. The “good old boy” network in small rural communities also does it’s part. I think that behavior is changing now and that is why the public now is looking more and more for No Kill shelters.

    1. I so hope that’s the case. And I understand that it’s not going to happen overnight (although I wish it would and it really could) but if the “irresponsible public” continues to demand true sheltering, it will happen. We can’t give up the fight until every adoptable (my definition ~ not the likes of MAS) is either in a home, with a safe rescue or in an appropriate sanctuary.

  2. How about we say”irresponsible killing shelters” Our shelter system is so irresponsible and take no accountability it messes with my Brain

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