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The biggest animal welfare myth in the south rears its ugly head again (where is my Whack-A-Mole mallet?), this time courtesy of Surry Co rescuer Rachel Hiatt after a dog shipped to MA from NC was adopted by a celebrity:

“Up north they have laws where you have to have your pet spayed and neutered so there is a shortage of puppies.”

Quit that.


Portland reporter investigates suspicious fundraising activities from a purported animal advocate who claims she is the “Oprah of the Dog World,” among other things. (Thanks Clarice for the link.)


The photo at the beginning of this article on Muskegon Co AC in MI features a dog being restrained with two chokepoles held by two officers.


How to deal with poachers


TN Governor vetoed the state’s “ag-gag” bill.  (Thanks Devry for the link.)


Photos of Jon Stewart walking his 3 legged dog Champ around NYC.

7 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. That Surry quote frosted my shorts, too. A few places may have higher licensing fees for intact dogs, but they don’t have widespread, mandatory S/N. Plus, do we even know the kill stats for most of those states that supposedly have a “shortage of puppies”? We DO know that NYC kills aplenty … but everybody repeats that same lie about how up north they don’t have a “pet overpopulation problem” because everybody spays and neuters.

    Speaking of stats, we don’t even know the 2012 NC kill stats yet because the NCDA&CS has yet to post them. Last year they are posted on April 23. This year there’s still nothing …

      1. Oh well hooray then. Bring us some puppies from SC because I guess we are about to have a shortage.

    1. I liked this part of the article ” Prior to March, the Surry County Animal Shelter would not allow rescue groups to adopt animals despite their high euthanasia rate. After coming under scrutiny and protest from animal advocates, county leaders and shelter staff began allowing non-profit rescue groups to adopt animals.” Good for the rest of the country to know that they do not have to accept status quo.

  2. Puppy shortage in “the north”. Yes. Right. Ok. Good to know.

    Hooray for the elephant. I hope he didn’t get badly hurt when they tried to kill him. I also hope he didn’t sprain an ankle stomping the bastard to death.

    1. That’s one sorry – a$$ed human being that will no longer be killing these magnificent animals. Don’t understand killing any animal for “ornaments and jewelry”. It’s not like they are killing them to survive . . .

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