Things Killing Apologists Say

•  Campbell Co Mayor William Baird on the Campbell Co pound in TN:

Its annual euthanization rate is about 80 percent, which the mayor said is typical of rural counties.

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•  Lake Co Manager David Heath on a recent audit of the Lake Co pound in FL which revealed that roughly 12% of intake remains unaccounted for:

[O]ur euthanasia rates are favorable when you compare them to other counties[.]

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•  Cyndi Nason, the new Lake Co pound director and a former ASPCA consultant, on her goals for the facility:

We would like this (shelter) to be as ‘low kill’ as possible. That is a wonderful goal[.]

Wonderful for the dogs and cats who make it out alive, less-than-wonderful for the ones tossed into the dumpster.  And I take it “as low kill as possible” will be determined by the failing performances of other pet killing facilities in the area.  When a director talks in terms such as this, she is leaving killing on the table as an option and indeed, letting the public know they should not only expect killing but accept it – because the shelter is “doing the best they can”, as we so often hear.

Typical, favorable, wonderful – this is how enablers describe the needless killing of dogs and cats in animal shelters.

Mama dog and 2 pups at the Vance Co pound in NC, as pictured on
Mama dog and 2 pups at the Vance Co pound in NC, as pictured on

Dogs and cats have a right to live.  Shelters can not attempt to justify infringing upon that right simply because their neighboring shelters are also killing animals.  Didn’t everyone’s Mom give them that “If everybody jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?” speech when they were 6?

5 thoughts on “Things Killing Apologists Say

  1. Why is it that New Hampshire is the only state that is a NO-KILL in this country? Let me explain why because people in NH RESPECT LIFE. The people of NH say everything deserves life whether it is a dog, cat or human being. So, my question is how come NH can make their state a no-kill but all other shelters across the country say oh 80%, 12% and the % go on is typical; the question is how typical is it and why? NH not only is a no-kill state but they come to the south to rescue and takethe innocent victims them back and find them homes. People in a NH are definately a part of a solution to a problem that humans created.

  2. Campbell Co Mayor William Baird – See Seagoville TX or Tompkins County SPCA

    Lake Co Manager David Heath – Talk to Washoe County

    Cyndi Nason – Isn’t it though?

  3. Just checked the facebook page and this momma and her babies have been pulled by a rescue and are safe! Good news, indeed.

  4. I agree with Cindi that “all dogs go to heaven” – but I don’t believe the people that kill them will get there. Sorry Cindi.

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