Open Thread – and an apology

Please use the comment section to share animal related links, stories, questions and updates.

I also want to address the behavior of a couple of individuals who have spent the past 18 hours making the blog an unpleasant place to be.  I am sorry I wasn’t able to be online to catch it sooner.  I have only a few nightmare scenarios as a blogger and this is one of them – that trolls would take advantage of a temporary absence to stink up the joint.  The offending parties have been banned.  Thank you to those who hung in there amidst the onslaught.  Also… Hitler!!!!!11!!111111

32 thoughts on “Open Thread – and an apology

  1. I’ve been sick and I don’t know what this was all about but it takes someone with real “courage” to come in while you’re gone and mess things up for the rest of the people that adore your blog. I am sorry this happened to you. I really do enjoy your blog and I follow it faithfully. There aren’t very many people out there that would spend the time that you do to advocate for the animals and be their voice. God Bless you and don’t let idiots like that bother you so. WE all know you are a GodSend! Keep up the good work and just pay them no mind. Much love, Kathie G.

  2. So Sorry. Loosers who have nothing to do but look for an opportunity to get negative attention sicken me. They need to be penalized more than just being banned. Like being unable to use internet service at their address for a year? So Sorry!!!!!!

      1. still have them.. with the tornadoes and other dogs in more serious need then my fosters I haven’t had time to share them.. They still need forever homes. LOL

  3. I have kind of a weird situation. My niece came home yesterday with a Shar Pei mix (whom she had taken to the vet for a check up, microchip scan, etc. – good child!) and a story about how this dog was supposedly “rescued” by a group of traveling “hippies” who then gave this dog to a very mentally unwell person yesterday. Well, the mentally unwell person had him tied with a nylon string and was dragging him around yelling about the Kennedy assassination to anyone who would listen and then ended up abandoning the dog on the street…

    Good people intervened and said they’d take the dog, but had to go to work first, so the kid took the dog to the vet, brought him home to bathe him, and hold on to him until they got off work.

    I helped her with the bath and remarked about how nice it was that the vet had trimmed his nails. She said no, the vet didn’t do his nails, they came like that. Which she thought odd because the hippies didn’t seem capable of grooming themselves, let alone a dog and she didn’t get the impression that they had him that long, anyway…

    So now I’m suspicious. Did they really “rescue” him or did they steal this dog from someone’s back yard? The dog is in good physical health aside from some scratching (fleas? Shar Pei skin issue? allergies? They were feeding him cupcakes…) with these recently trimmed nails. No collar, no microchip, no tattoos that I could see (dog was not inclined to be flipped over for a good look-see). He’s not awesome on a leash, but after spending 24 hours with the less than well person who was apparently in a manic state, he also seems exhausted and shut down, so hard to gauge his true nature without some breathing time. He did seem to recognize a school bus…

    So, if anyone has heard of a medium-sized black Shar Pei mix, intact male, white on chest that’s gone missing from anywhere along the East Coast of the US, possibly VA, PA, OH region, let me know, will you? My fear is that he was stolen, but the “hippies” apparently don’t stay in one place for more than 36 hours, so he could be from anywhere. I did issue a Found on the K9 Amber Alert system because that reaches far and wide, too.

    1. It does seem suspicious that he would be “rescued” then abruptly handed over to an unfit owner on the street. Also: did your niece get any additional info worth sharing on the Kennedy assassination?

      1. “The guy who they say did it, was actually born three years AFTER it happened, so he obviously really didn’t do it.” Um. Yeah. Also stuff about Nixon…

      2. He was born three years after and shot to death on live television 3 years before. Which was Nixon’s plan all along.

        On Fri, May 31, 2013 at 11:01 AM, YesBiscuit!

    2. Rescues are often well-loved pets, too. Dogs get out of gardens all the time, or people go onto private property and think they’ve found a stray. Someone could very well be looking for him.

      On the other hand, I’ve known more than one person who was incapable of grooming themselves (and I don’t mean just unbrushed hair), but the dog was immaculate and had everything done. Which is kind of lovely.

      1. Just to clarify the bit about ‘stray’: obviously he would be stolen if someone went onto private property and thought he was stray, but it does happen, and they could then honestly if wrongly say he was ‘rescued’. People can be very stupid.

      2. Simba, yes, that happens. But people who tend to their animals that well are not the sort to just hand them off to obviously compromised strangers the moment they become inconvenient.

        There’s just something hinky about the whole thing.

      3. They could just be very stupid, which would equally explain everything. Not trying to dismiss your argument or anything, it just doesn’t necessarily mean the dog was stolen, or stolen deliberately.

        They’re either stupid and stole a dog which they then gave away, thus rendering the exercise pointless (they couldn’t sell it or look for a reward?) I mean, there has to be someone better to pass on stolen goods to.

        Or they ‘rescued’ a dog (which could easily have come with clipped nails), perhaps with an unrealistic vision of what that would entail, and then gave it to an unsuitable person (similarly unrealistically).

        Plenty of people can cut nails and do the basic hygeine things and yet choose incredibly unsuitable people to trust, or tire of a dog. It’s not the hardest job.

    1. “fluorescent pink slugs – up to 20 centimetres long”

      Wow. I’d like to see young female celebs toting these around on their arms instead of tiny dogs.

      1. They look like huge lipsticks gone rogue.

        What if young *male* celebrities toted them around to see who had the biggest, or the pinkest one?

        I’m bad and Sister Mary said I should be ashamed of myself.

    1. The kid is amazingly good at articulating his thoughts on the matter and reasoning it through. I hope his mom is up for the scary smart challenge of his teenage years….

    2. That kid not only made my day, he gave me hope! And, his mom didn’t shut him down. That’s good parenting. :)

    1. An FYI – I just checked it out too, and it’s all animals, not just dogs. Great!

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