Mental Health Break: Doggie-Wear Patents


I can’t think of any possible drawbacks.  Plus it’s totally needed.

Patent No. 6,206,000
by Dwane L. Folsom
Patented: March 27, 2001


Full Metal Dust Jacket

Dog dust cover
Dog dust cover

by S. Kesh
Patented: September 4, 1963

The inventor notes that the doggie dust cover will be useful in keeping flea powder on the dog (and off the living room carpet) post application. And it can do double duty as a drying mechanism after a bath – just attach your blow dryer to the suit and voila!


Safe Rex

Condoms.  For your dog's feet.
Condoms. For your dog’s feet.

Patent No. US20030164145 A1
by Julie St. John
Patented: January 24, 2003

The inventor indicates that not only is the product easily cleaned to protect your floors from the dirt your dog would otherwise track in, the booties “are applied very speedily so that the dogs’ patience quotient is not exceeded.” No mention of the human’s patience quota in applying 4 condoms to your dog’s 4 paws.

(Thanks Billy for sending me these.)

2 thoughts on “Mental Health Break: Doggie-Wear Patents

  1. I’d like to see the dust jacket inflated. Just, not on any of *my* pets. Though I do think my low, long button-eared little Bertie Woofster would look very funny in one. Also, likely reproachful.

  2. I have used condoms on dogs` feet.

    Yes, really.

    I had a small Papillon bitch who broke her leg. It was not a serious break, and a splint and heavily padded bandage was applied.

    But it was a wet summer. Every time she needed to go out, even just for minutes, she came back with the bottom of the bandage soaked. I was at my wits` end.

    I looked at the leg. I looked at the size of it with the bandage, And I went out and bought a packet of condoms – Durex extra strength.

    A good fit. Roll it on, let the dog out, bring her in, roll it off. Dry bandage. One condom lasted for quite a few short visits to the outdoors..

    The leg healed perfectly.

    Don`t knock it until you`ve tried it!

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