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  1. I’m getting good at podcasts! Fantastic to listen to while you’re mopping a floor or cleaning the noseprints off the windows. Again.

      1. thanks, I’m all turned in and already listening. They are talking about training service dogs.. they need puppy raisers..

      2. Yes they are on 24/7 from what I understand. But the live broadcast is traditionally Sundays at 1pm. Living in rural internet connection land, I can’t listen to podcasts but I would love to be able to at least listen to the weekly live broadcast on AWR. Someday my rural broadband prince will come.

  2. I listened to the segment on Caboodle and was happy to hear a consensus that the ASPCA could and should have acted as a resource instead of a cop. Much good could have been done.

    I was disappointed that the hosts thought Craig might be a hoarder. IMO, he is not. And I’m sorry that was assumed based on the # of animals. I imagine one can be a hoarder with less than 5 pets, if there isn’t sufficient shelter, upkeep and medical care.

    But Caboodles were free-range, only caged if they needed treatment or to be chipped or vaccinated; had vet care; had plenty of food, water, shelter. But nothing is born perfect and CR was being improved constantly.

    Look at Madison Voice videos to see how the cats responded when he called them. They loved him, and were his friends. The actions of the ASPCA and local cops were atrocious.
    I agree with everybody who recognizes that a fraction of what was allegedly spent on the raid could have made the ranch a huge asset for the county, one of the poorest in the state.

    I appreciate this blog and the efforts to see all sides of the Caboodle story. I’ve been on the right side from the beginning, and will continue to try to right the wrong. It’s not over yet.

  3. I turned in and thought it was done pretty good. Thanks Shirley for speaking up. And I agree..this sanctuary should have been helped not raided.

  4. OMG- Thank YOU Shirley. This story and the reality has been long overshadowed by people who do NOT understand feral cats and colonies.
    10th Life was another one- total destruction by the “biggies”. May they burn in hell.
    Ferals lost their lives and TNR people lost a valuable asset.
    Unless you are the size of Best Friends every shelter and sanctuary is at risk.
    That’s why I keep mine private- and will defend with force if needed.
    And Thank You Dale- you were up close and personal and have stood by as a friend of the kitties and Craig.

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