I Call Shenanigans on You, Campbell Co Deputy Mayor

Remember the Campbell Co pound in TN where the director says they guess the dosage on Fatal Plus, stick the pets in the gut with it and then leave them to suffer for an unspecified number of minutes?  Well, there’s more bad news.  The Campbell Co deputy mayor is 6 years old – emotionally at least.  Despite local taxpayers having shelled out for animal services for the year, deputy mayor David Young says he’s keeping the pound closed because animal advocates complained on Facebook and he won’t provide any animal related services to taxpayers:

“This is the price the Campbell County people are paying for someone meddling in business they had no business into,” he said, referring the Facebook page that called out the director Betty Crumley on allegations of abuse.

The deputy mayor figures that, in the absence of services for the community’s pets, people are probably drowning kittens in lakes and killing pets in other ways.  Also:  nanner nanner boo boo.

Back in Adult Land, the so-called irresponsible public is trying to take up the slack:

Now the non-profit organization Friends of Campbell County Animals (FCCA) is being forced to step into a job that is supposed to be done by the county, paid for by taxpayer dollars.


“I think it’s irresponsible. It’s completely irresponsible,” said Patricia Simpson, the rescue coordinator for FCCA. “We’re happy to do as much as we can, but there’s a limit to what we can do, physically, financially and emotionally.”

The group is funding their efforts out of their own pockets and credit cards.

“We’ve been thrust into adoption and rescue and animal control officer.”

When a local reporter asked the deputy mayor if he would shut down the health department or the library if allegations of wrongdoing on the part of the director surfaced, he conceded that he probably wouldn’t and would simply find a new director.  Oh but would he consider hiring a new director for the pound then?

“We’re not looking for that,” Young said.


I get it, I guess.  He’s trying to teach pet advocates a lesson.  You speak out publicly about wrongdoing at the shelter and I’ll defraud taxpayers in retaliation.  But is it legal?

As things stand, the deputy mayor says the pound will remain closed until the TN Bureau of Investigation completes its investigation.  Gee, I hope TBI doesn’t have anything else to do.  In the meantime, who should Campbell Co good Sams call when they find a community pet in need?

“Call whoever they want to call, because we are not providing any services at this time,” he said defiantly.

Someone needs a time out.

I hope there are some taxpayers in Campbell Co willing to fight back against what may be an illegal action by the deputy mayor. Unless he’s going door to door, handing out tax refunds that is.  Because otherwise, the words defrauding taxpayers jump to mind.

(Thank you Clarice for sending me this update.)

11 thoughts on “I Call Shenanigans on You, Campbell Co Deputy Mayor

  1. Wow. Someone shouldn’t be sitting at the big people table. Or be in charge of life and death decisions or have financial responsibilities.

  2. This sounds like business as usual in Tennessee. Rhea County is almost as bad. Makes me ashamed to live in this state.

  3. It will be interesting to watch Campbell County get sued when a pack of roaming dogs attack someone and it has been found there have been numerous reports of the dogs. Way to watch out for public safety Mayor

  4. This can’t be legal! What an a$$hole! Sorry, but I have worked with young children and they are way above him! I hope someone sues or takes legal action. This jerk needs to be FIRED – NOW! And everyone who sticks up for him needs to go, too.
    Does the governor of Tennessee have any idea what these yahoos are doing to the reputation of this state?

  5. If they aren’t taking dogs/cats in, it means they aren’t killing any either.

    What has TBI have to do with any of it? Go after potty mouths that talk bad about the shelter?

    1. Seriously? You need to look at the records from the shelter they speak for themselves. The TBI is for criminal actions that may have been committed at the shelter against the animals it killed.

  6. NcaI live in Campbell Co. And am an FCCA member, this is exactly the mentality we have been dealing with and fighting against for a year while we have rescued despite this insanity, hundreds of animals. The truth and horror of the botched EU is many times worse than I can say, the worst animal cruelty situation imaginable has been going on at the Adrian Baird Animal Center under director Betty Crumley for 5 years. I AM TALKING ABOUT 6,000 animals a year dying a horrible slow death that is even documented. All this has been protected by the Mayor William Baird and vice mayor David Young. Our group has gone to them repeatedly. Thank you for sharing our predicament. Shawn

  7. Sounds like deputy mayor David Young might not want to run again for any office in Tennessee. Irresponsible, illogical, manipulative babies need not apply. We already have one of those in the office of deputy mayor now we are looking for a responsible adult who can do a meaningful job. Hasn’t the deputy mayor learned anything from reading the backlash Betty Crumley has had for her lack of empathy or humanity.

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