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Some of the search terms that have brought visitors to the blog in recent days underscore the need for shelter reform in this country:

  • how to find out if your pet has been euthanized at spartanburg humane society
  • i don’t want to take my cat to a shelter
  • shelter dogs suffering from heat
  • killing room animal shelter
  • i would never work at a shelter

Look who’s asking questions and not just buying into the weepy TV commercial propaganda:

  • where does the hsus get their money
  • how much does hsus spend on animals
  • aspca joke


7 thoughts on “Search Terms

  1. The times are changing. Not quickly, but inexorably.

    The crime of it is, ASPCA/HSUS could speed things up immeasurably, but they continue to fight against what MUST come. I wish the people who serve them would stop for a moment and ask themselves, “Why? Why do we encourage the killing and the cruelty to continue?”

    I don’t care how good the cupcakes are, they aren’t worth it.

  2. Speaking of the big entities – I saw a commercial two weeks ago on network TV – by Humane Watch about HSUS. It showed a woman sitting on a couch with a male attorney curled up next to her. She was preaching that people should give money to help all the unemployed “stray” attorneys in the county and that money given to HSUS would help this effort since they employ so many attorneys. Anyone else see it??

  3. I’m glad to see folks are waking up to the plight of shelters, but it’s not moving towards a national No-Kill agenda fast enough for me. Yet I do believe, eventually, the country will finally get rid of the sadist, abusers, and current “kill kill kill” shelter directors to move to a compassionate sheltering agenda to save most, if not all, lives. It’s going to happen!

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