9 thoughts on “Gosh, when do they have time to eat 5 billion birds?

  1. awesome kitty.. such awareness and intelligence shining through such a tiny being.. amazing… sometimes i think such videos should keep running in the reception and Director’s office of animal shelters so that the Director staff can see the amazing intelligence and sweetness of animals and know that killing is a no-no-no… and adopting them out is a yes-yes-yes… let the Director and staff use their amazing intelligence to find ways to allow shelter-pets to live..

  2. How wonderful is this? That little girl is on her way to being a wonderful and gifted animal trainer. That cat looked like she was having fun too. Loved seeing this.

  3. I had my 3 cats watch this . . . with a “don’t get any crazy ideas” look in their eyes! Incredible girl and kitten!!!

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