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  1. To those who remember the rescue of JAKE – the black lab mix male that was suffering at the Memphis Animal HELLter a year ago. His picture is what tugged at all of our hearts! I was the one who pulled him from that HELL hole and many of you then stepped up to help with donations for his care. It has now been a year since his rescue & I went to visit him this past Monday. He is doing SO good and looks SO good & happy. The family that adopted him love him so much. He has 2 boys & 1 girl to grow up with and also a canine sister (Weimeraner – sp?) named Roxie. I’m sorry I don’t have a picture. I still have the old flip phone and it won’t let me store pictures anymore. Shirley – if you still happen to have his before & after pictures, please post them again. He is heartworm negative, about 65 pounds & happy! He says to THANK all of you for his PAWSOME life!

  2. On occasion I run-across an article or receive an email that I’d love to forward to you here. Would/Could you share with me where I need to send such items? TIA!

  3. I remember… sent a donation towards this…

    I lost my Jake to old age (black lab mix) some years ago but he gave us so much love and we gave it right back – …My husband rescued my Jake from unbelievably cruel owners (my husband worked a deal that I sure could never have done) and brought Jake to our home – What a happy day that was.

    Today is another happy day – thank you Patricia Hurdle for what you did for this Jake.

  4. Animal Lovers in, or near, Carroll Co., MD are invited to join us to “Walk for The Pets” on Sat. 6/22 at Cape Horn park in Hampstead. Leashed dogs are welcome to attend, also. Registration is $15, and includes a free t-shirt, with a beautiful logo, designed for us by local artist, Jason Fowler. Proceeds are used by the Animal Advocates of Carroll Co., MD, Inc. (a 501c3) to spay and neuter cats, and offer adoption specials on the cats at the Carroll Co. Humane Society. (We like dogs, too, but cats are the pets most frequently killed at the shelter.) You can register before the event, starting at 9am, or register in advance, here- https://walkforpets.eventbrite.com/#. If you cannot attend, but would still like to show us some support, please sponsor me. http://www.crowdrise.com/lauraiswalkingforthe/fundraiser/laurashenk

  5. Am from Bangalore, India.. the only qualification i offer for writing in this beautiful blog which is about shelter-pet welfare and shelter reform in USA is that i absolutely adore all animals.. and i deeply care for the shelter-pets of USA and their suffering at this point of time..

    i see how much the American public love their pets and i know that it is just a matter of time, for shelter- killing to stop completely in the USA.. i see the tidal wave of No-Kill washing over USA and all the beautiful animals get back their rights to exist and be happy..

    i wished to say something about BSL.. i believe it is totally inhumane and wrong.. i think all shelter-directors who believe pit-bulls are scary should read ” Bandit – the heart warming true story of one dog’s rescue from death row ” by Vicki Hearne..

    Vicki Hearne who died too soon at the age of fifty four in 2001, was a teacher, poet and animal trainer. This book has much to teach for the pit-bull lovers and dog trainers..also this book
    should be read by people who fear or hate “pit-bulls” – for Vicki Hearne presents a torrent of information on dogs falsely accused, on statistics skewed or plainly mis-represented, and on anti-dog propaganda generated by the media.

    In the book,” Bandit”, Vicki Hearne says something very interesting – she hears on television about an innocent jogger jogging on the road in Dayton, Ohio and two “evil” pit-bulls appearing ” out of nowhere” and killing him ” for no reason” in Ohio ( In her own words ” and this is just so incredible because it sounded like something i have never known a dog to do.. It is quite difficult to get a dog perform a full-fledged man-stopping attack off his own property, which is one reason why police-dog training is a matter that occupies intelligent people for years and years.. ) she assumed that someone in Ohio was mounting a state-wide pit-bull ban.. and she was right!!!

    Please read an excerpt of the book at this link please


    it made fantastic read for me.. and made me see how badly these poor dogs have been maligned and made to pay with their lives for so long.. but with No- Kill principles and CAPA gaining momentum this cruelty will stop..

    Here in india, dogs and cats are permitted to live on the streets by law..

    Here’s the law from http://krupaanimalsbangalore.wordpress.com/page/5/

    “Article 21 of the Constitution of India states the right to personal life and liberty…If someone wants to feed and provide shelter to dogs, he is at liberty to do so. He has the same right to liberty that the law provides to every citizen of India. ……above every law and rights, there is a natural right, which is a universal right, inherent in the nature of ethics and contingent on human actions or beliefs…. the choice of loving, caring, feeding and giving shelter to dogs is the natural right of any individual.”

    so people can care for strays and help them.. and anybody can
    have any number of dogs/ cats without any sort of registration..

    People do live here who are cruel and don’t feed the poor strays and drive them away .. but many people exist who do.. so things go on..

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