Dignity: You’re doing it wrong.

A city manager in Farmington, New Mexico is talking about spending an additional $50,ooo on animal services, citing things like a “much more humane process” and granting the animals a sense of dignity.  Hey, this sounds promising.  But no:

On Tuesday evening, the city council will discuss whether to include a $50,000 crematory at the Farmington Regional Animal Shelter.

The humane process and sense of dignity being discussed refer to animals killed at the Farmington pound – not animals actually sheltered there.  Instead of sending the dead pets to the landfill, it will be so much lovelier to burn them on site.  How thoughtful.  And bonus:

In addition to being more humane, the crematory will pay for itself in two years, [city manager Rob] Mayes said.

Win for everybody!  More dignified and cost effective!  I can’t see any possible drawbacks.  Unless anyone wanted to consider that pets at the Farmington pound have a right to live, that there is no dignity in killing shelter animals, and that $50 grand could go a long way toward saving lives.  But no.

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  1. Ugh. It’s the great intelligence (NOT) of local government again. No thoughts about change or saving lives. No 5 year plan for change or saving lives. Simple bandaid to save money by burning killed animals. They make me ill. $50,000.00 could establish a low cost spay and neuter voucher program, offsite adoptions, and so much more!!

  2. Yes, but you’re missing the point. Other area “shelters” can now ship the carcasses of their murdered companion animals to the brand spankin’ new crematorium, thus generating revenue for the municipality. It’s a win-win for the City of Farmington, get rid of dead animals faster and enrich their coffers!

  3. Hey, the Humane Society of the United States has no problem featuring the companion crematorium companies in Animal Sheltering Magazine. Nice revenue stream year after year. Sends a real humane message to kill shelters and their local government partners.

    Act now for a 10% discount on HSUS Euthanasia Training Manual and Video Series. And DONATE NOW so that HSUS can end the tragedy of overpopulation at it’s root – by passing anti-breeder legislation, shutting down puppy mills, passing mandatory spay-neuter laws, and rescuing and caring for tens of thousands of dogs and cats each year. Yes, lobbying for legislation IS direct care. Pet shelters are a sympton of a problem we cannot adopt our way out of. Give HSUS your urgently needed donations and there will be no need for shelters at all.
    money instead of shelters. so there will be no need for shelters at alland there will be no need for shelters, as No kill is merely a pipe dream and shelters just . Kill shelters are just a bandaid on a

  4. Oops…

    Shelters are only a bandaid on the gashing wound that stems from the uncaring public, dogfighters, and ignorant people in poor communities the HSUS is trying to educate.

    Sorry for the incoherent mess above.

  5. Wow, they must be really committed to killing to build a 4.6 MILLION dollar facility and even consider outfitting it with a crematorium instead of using that money to set up a foster program, a behavioral program, a low-cost spay/neuter program, etc. Are they really do deeply entrenched in the kill shelter paradigm that they can’t even see that there’s another way?

    1. Yes. They are. Because anything else would be admitting that they’ve been killing unnecessarily for a LONG TIME. And we don’t want to admit that we were wrong now, do we? Much better to kill and blame the public.

      Although I am quite curious as to how they decide that dead animals feel more dignity going into a crematorium…

  6. Life is dignity, death is violence. They do not get it. ( I was really hoping for a different story line, too. )

  7. This mass culling and killing of animals by all of the government front groups and their fake nonprofits masquerading as animal rights advocates serves a variety of agendas, the main one being to add fuel to the fire they continue to engineer by using “donations” to further eugenics-type breeding and cloning, animal research, and to keep funding puppy mills which satisfies their insatiable and obsessive perversions with sex as well as their hoarding addictions; the ritual killing is identical to cult behavior and it also serves to “cull the mutts” much like Hitler hypnotized masses of people to enact violence upon the Jewish people. The animals are and have been victim substitutes for human beings.
    I’m surprised they don’t want to build a mini Auschwitz with showers, since gas chambers are one of their favored modes of torture and murder.

    The animals’ crime is innocence, which they hate, because they have none themselves, and of course no empathy for the innocent. Baby bunnies and puppies are TERRORISTS LOL!!
    It’s not really funny, though, because that is just how sick and totally upside down these people are!

    All of the engineered crises, the projections of their own sicknesses and finger-pointing of blame, their own pathological acting out, probably have something to do with how they were or weren’t potty-trained. It must be a sad life to be an adult and be a bedwetter with chronic hemorrhoids.

    But seriously, some of theses tactics of propaganda mixed with ritual killing are methods to try to dumb people down and numb them to the agenda beneath the agenda; they also hope to traumatize more sensitive people as much as possible. Psychopaths are ALL the same. Once you’ve figured one out, you’ve nailed the rest of them, they’re that predictable. :)

    It’s not really a money issue, they have plenty of it. Since these big “AR” groups are funded by the super rich, robbing people is just an added “bonus” for them, like stealing Mommy’s cigarettes or Daddy’s wallet.

    If there are any grownups – real ones – working in the Farmington, NM government, maybe they’ll catch on. Maybe not. Maybe they got a nice bribe and some pocket money. Maybe they’re a bunch of lazy losers without a shred of creativity or compassion just like H$U$ & Co. Water seeks its own level.

  8. New Mexico just keeps going more and more backwards, regressing, back to the Dark Ages, such is represented by the approved horse slaughter and meat packing plant in Roswell, New Mexico. Hopefully, some of the approvals that still need to be granted will not and NEITHER of these 2 proposals will go through. Where are the .progressive thinkers in New Mexico??

  9. I live in Farmington and I am assuming maybe one of the other readers is from this area? The one who submitted this? Of course I am weeks late getting to this post. :(

    Anyway, I am actually in favor of spending money on building a crematorium. Right now the way they “dispose” of the animals they kill is to take them to the city dump. So, yeah, I prefer cremation to literally throwing them away like trash. There is a nearby shelter which offers cremation services to pet owners which helps fund the shelter. I know of people who have taken their deceased animals the hour drive to get their animals cremated there and help support the (well run) shelter instead of having them cremated at the locally-owned one run by people who own a pet store that sells puppies and kittens (and not rescued puppies and kittens, either). So I see how it could pay for itself and possibly even make money for the shelter. Keep in mind that we are talking about a very conservative city government so if you can make a case for what you need by invoking money you are more likely to get it. I’ve made money arguments to city officials when my real reason is actually, you know, saving animals’ lives.

    I will give the shelter props. The city has hired an interim director/shelter adviser who has really made some strides in improving things. Things aren’t great and if people think a new shelter will magically fix things they are crazy. It will definitely give us more room for sheltering and it will be more centrally located and no longer next to the sewage plant. All good things.

    But they are making some progress in the fostering/increasing adoptions/working with rescues/trying to start low cost spay/neuter areas. Again, not perfect and they could really use more work in the “increasing adoption” arena. Farmington has a ridiculously high per capita intake and right now they are using that as the excuse as to why they “have” to kill and it is definitely a challenge but not insurmountable. It’s just crazy that things were so bad that even tiny positive changes are a big deal.

    Because of the work building the new shelter and with some of the changes being made the shelter is in the news a lot lately. Which could be a really great thing if they take advantage of it.

    I’m not sure of how to get involved. I alienated some of the animal welfare folks around here because of my “radical” No Kill ideas. And honestly I am kind of cynical and I am waiting for the other shoe to drop and find out that the positive changes are all just smoke and mirrors. Let’s hope my pessimism is misplaced and things will continue to get better. There are a variety of challenges that need to be addressed before I can be comfortable with accepting that things are going well. We have a very long way to go.

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