In Which Wendy Goes to the Vet

Wendy has a bladder infection and had to go to the vet to get checked out today.

Wendy was shot at some time prior to arriving at the pound.
Wendy was shot at some time prior to arriving at the pound.  The white dots are small game shot she has lodged throughout her body.

She was displeased with the visit and engaged in civil disobedience on the ride home.

wendy car seat 062013
I refuse to lay on the soft blanket provided for me on the seat. I will however use it as a head rest while sitting defiantly in the foot well.

14 thoughts on “In Which Wendy Goes to the Vet

  1. Ah, a bladder infection. Always fun.

    Poor Wendy. Already feeling poorly and someone hauls her to the vet for poking and prodding. So mean.

    Hope she’s feeling better soon!

  2. Oh Wendy! I’m sorry you are feeling puny…I’m thankful that you are with your new Mommy and safe and loved. Two of our dogs have splattering of small game shot in them as well. I hate to think of the pain and fear they all went through. Sending healing thoughts for you girl!

  3. Paws crossed for Wendy to quickly be rid of that nasty infection.
    May karma find the idiot that shot at her and double the dose.

  4. Far too many pets find themselves shot. I’m sorry Wendy is one of them. Speedy recovery for Wendy. No fun to be sick.

  5. Maybe Wendy feels safer in the footwell, as it’s a bit more ‘protected’ of a space. I’ve seen a number of dogs that went flying into the dash during accidents (one lost a lot of teeth), and air bags can cause serious injuries as well. I think she’s smart to be there. :-)

  6. Hope she’s feeling much better now (and recovered from the trauma of her vet visit). Shooting dogs with buckshot is only for idiots! Hope she doesn’t have any problems from the shots.

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