Oops Killing in Douglas County, Georgia

The strange saga of the Douglas County pound has taken a dark turn.  Cheryl Bohannon’s two dogs escaped her yard recently, were picked up by Douglas Co AC and impounded.  Ms. Bohannon called the pound to advise she was on her way to pick up her pets.

Someone at Douglas Co, and it’s not clear from the article whether it was the impounding officer or another person, diagnosed an eye infection in one of the dogs and inexplicably sent both dogs to a local vet’s office.  The vet says she forgot to look at the accompanying paperwork for either dog and immediately killed both pets.  Oops.

For its part, Douglas Co seems to feel it’s off the hook as far as taking responsibility for the needless killings of these pets, going so far as to announce to the owner upon arrival:

“She says, ‘I’m so sorry, it was not our fault,'” said Bohannon.

I disagree.  For starters, it was apparently the county’s call to send both dogs to the vet when only one was in need of treatment.  And the vet they sent the dogs to seems to operate in “If it’s from Douglas Co, they must want the pets killed” mode – because that’s exactly what she did.

To not even so much as glance at the paperwork before killing seems negligent.  But what’s even more telling to my mind is the fact that these pets, save for a supposed eye problem in one of the dogs, were apparently healthy.  Anyone who graduated from vet school should be able to distinguish a medically hopeless and suffering dog in need of euthanasia from a healthy one with even the most cursory of exams – which presumably would be required before any killing.  This vet failed to make that distinction on not one but two pets.  This underscores my thinking that Douglas Co may routinely send healthy/treatable animals to this vet for killing, often enough that she doesn’t even blink when killing two healthy pets.

The vet offered to give Ms. Bohannon two other dogs.

“I said, ‘You can’t replace the dogs that I lost,” said Bohannon.

We understand.  Pets are family.  It’s past time Douglas Co started treating them that way.

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20 thoughts on “Oops Killing in Douglas County, Georgia

  1. How can anyone that works in a Vet’s office be allowed to STAY working there that did this! And the same goes for the shelter that send BOTH dogs! It doesn’t take a veterinarian school graduate to see if a dog is sick or a danger to someone or something. These people just had killing on their minds period. They had no intention of getting this dog vetted as it shows when they send BOTH dogs to the Vet’s office. They were clearly sent there to be put to death. Please folks.. watch your pets carefully and please don’t allow this to happen to your pets. It happens more than we know about. I know the people that used to run our shelter, before they built the new one, wouldn’t even wait 5 minutes for you to get there to pick up your lost pet before they killed it. The sad thing is they take no responsibility for their actions whatsoever. They blame it on someone else and they get away with it. It’s as bad or worse than the policeman just shooting people’s pets for no reason. Which is another subject that needs addressing as well.. Anyway, I think this is a horrible thing to have happen especially when the owner had called BEFORE the shelter worker sent the dogs to the Vet. It’s irresponsible and seems to have been done out of some sort of convoluted hatred for animals. Both need to lose their jobs. Just My 2CentsWorth…

    1. My question, first of all the pound (shelter was called) and someone said they will be down to pick up the dogs. Why was it even necessary to take the dogs to the vets? When the dogs were picked up by their guardians, the shelter could of said we think something is wrong with one of the eyes. The deaths of these two dogs is inexcusable. The shelter knew what was going to happen to these dogs, if this is where they send all of their dogs to get murdered…why would the vet think any differently. First it is very disheartening hearing a vet of all people murdering these dogs. A person becomes a vet because they have such a love for animal and they want the animals to get the best care. WOW, for a little extra money a vet can forget what their mission started out as “for the best of the animal”. I think this vet needs to lose their license to practice. I also think the staff need to be replaced at the shelter.
      For, the guardians of the dogs who were murdered plain and simple I would SUE their butts.

      1. AGREED! the owners of these animals should sue.. even though in the eyes of the law they are nothing but property.. which is WRONG, but that’s what they are considered. Still, they were the property of these owners and deserved better. I will never understand why they were sent there other than to be murdered, anyway. Since the owners had already called and said they were on their way to pick them up. These people just did this either out of spite or just out of not caring and just didn’t pay attention at all to the fact that those were the 2 dogs the owner had just called about.. This is simply unacceptable behavior from a Veterinarian and a shelter. Both should be shut down. Period. And as for giving them 2 more dogs, where was the vet going to get 2 more dogs? Did he have 2 that belonged to someone else? More than likely and would have told those owners they didn’t make it and they died.. arrgh.. this is just so ugly it makes me sick to my stomach!! They will pay.. Karma is not a funny thing. Maybe the owners will be lucky and God will let them watch when it happens to them.

  2. BEWARE,BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!! of DR.JULIE LUGAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do not trust your pets with this vetinarian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. The owner needs to report this vet to their state licensing board. It sounds as if she is negligent, at the very least, and needs to be reported. She should lose her license to practice!
      I’m sorry to the owner and her dogs.

      As far as the killing facility workers and administration, they, too, need to find another line of work where they won’t hurt any living being. The fact that the dogs were in their care and then killed IS their fault.

      1. Oh, and the “we’ll give you two new dogs” to me is insulting and shows that they are heartless and have no understanding of the human-animal bond.
        Shame on them, all the way around.

      2. I shudder to think that this vet even HAD 2 more dogs to give away. Where did they come from? Why was she going to give them away? Were they also from the county, about to be killed, perhaps owned by someone who wanted them back?

    2. I find it scarey that this clinic also grooms and boards dogs. It seems like they have all bases covered for making money.

  3. Clearly this is a vet used to killing. And clearly, the shelter sent these dogs there to be killed.

    The owner definitely needs to report this. I won’t come to anything, but it will help for the next person, and the next (because you know it will continue). Documentation is the only thing that will save a pet there because the vet’s ethics certainly won’t and neither will the shelter’s.

      1. Excellent. If it doesn’t get documented, it didn’t happen, as the saying goes.

      2. I sure hope it does some good to report this to the Georgia Vet. board because I turned my neighbor that had 26 horses and was starving them all to death into the state SPCA.. they came and investigated, but nothing at all was done. The next day, 2 were dead. Just yearlings.. and I this is when I lived in Georgia.. actually not too far from Douglas. I have a bad feeling that this will come to nothing at all but praise God that you DID turn them in! Hopefully the Vet board is a little different than the SPCA of Georgia.

  4. the logic that the vet thought that if the dogs are from Douglas pound then they must be killed ( and so never checked the reports ) is correct.. mind boggles..

  5. Sadly – it is up to those who are wronged to educate and to try to make things right for those who follow. I agree with your thoughts here Shirley – the Vet is obvious used to killing healthy pets from AC so simply followed her routine and killed these…so clearly used to killing healthy pets…We expect more from Veterinarians, just as we do law enforcement, teachers and MDs…but we don’t always get it.

    1. Me too, Vicki.. I just hope Mrs.. Bohannon is hurt enough TO sue and sue them BOTH.. the shelter AND most of all the VET. This is unacceptable behavior by the shelter and the vet. In my humble opinion, neither one of them need to be on the planet, much less running a business and a so called shelter. This sounds like it isn’t a shelter at all. Sounds more to me like a place they take animals to be murdered and this vet sounds like they enjoy doing it. I just hope she sues them for everything they are worth! And I hope she has a good attorney, which she can more than likely get on contengency, that loves animals. I wish her all the luck in the world. This just burns me up everytime I see it. I hope they have a horrible attorney and a great judge that also loves animals.. this way hopefully she’ll get the reward she so rightly deserves. I know it will not bring her dogs back, but it will at least give her a little peace of mind that she did everything she could about what happened to them and that their death was not for nothing. :) Thanks for letting me still VENT on your post! Have a great day!

  6. Please God tell me that this person who calls herself a vet has lost her license to ever practice again.

  7. As a former Douglas County employee, this does not suprise me at all.The employees at the shelter don’t care about the animals, they are there for one reason only, to collect a paycheck, period. If Mae West was still running the shelter, this would never have happened

  8. This county allegedly does not send pets to the vet for medical treatment. They allegedly go only for one reason and you know what that reason is. The cover up – pretending they were both sent for treatment (when only one had an alleged eye problem – yeah right) is only because they were killed in less than the mandatory hold time. This is the *insiders* opinion.What is really bizarre is the 180 the formerly vigilant advocates have done and that they are now singing this draconian director’s praises. Invasion of the Body Snatchers? Check out their Douglas Pawlunteers page on Facebook.

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