Owner Surrenders at the Memphis Pound on June 6, 2013

Note: I have removed the names and street addresses of the surrendering parties from these MAS records, obtained via FOIA request.

mas intakes june 6 2013 1

All three kittens were surrendered by the same person.  I wonder if MAS offered to spay the mama cat for free or if they just took the kittens to the kill room without offering any assistance to the owner.

mas intakes june 6 2013 2

There were fifteen dogs surrendered at the facility on June 6.  Of the fifteen, five were shown as adopted or still in kennel and another had a note which said “still here but on the list for euthanasia” which leads me to believe that dog is likely dead now.  Most were killed within 24 hours of impound.  As far as I know, no marketing of any kind was done for any of the now dead animals and none were available for the public to see.  They were all killed for space, except for one dog who exhibited some unknown behavior at intake which rendered him unadoptable in the opinion of someone at the pound.  That dog was kept in a cage for eight days before being killed.

One owner surrendered five dogs, another surrendered three, two other owners surrendered two dogs each.  I wonder if MAS offered any assistance to these owners before impounding their dogs.

mas intakes june 6 2013 one dogmas intakes june 6 2013 dogmas intakes june 6 2013 dog2mas intakes june 6 2013 dog3mas intakes june 6 2013 dog4

One dog was surrendered by the owner in the field on June 6.  MAS killed him too:

mas intakes june 6 2013 osfieldHere a few of the cage card photos of the owner surrendered pets in this post, killed by MAS:

How many more, Memphis?
How many more, Memphis?

17 thoughts on “Owner Surrenders at the Memphis Pound on June 6, 2013

  1. This doesn’t jibe with what the poster in another thread said was going on.
    They don’t even try ~ they simply kill, kill, kill.
    They will pay, someday, I hope for their crimes.
    In the meantime, animal after animal, after animal pays with his/her life.
    What will it take to stop the killing?
    RIP all of you cats and kittens and puppies and dogs ~ you deserved so much better from both your owners and those monsters who killed you.

    1. “This doesn’t jibe with what the poster in another thread said was going on.”
      Dead shelter pets don’t lie. Anyone wanting to know James Rogers’ commitment to lifesaving can look at the pound’s stats.


      The city currently has just one month’s worth of stats posted, which is in no way indicative of transparency. But for that month (May), intake was 1039 with 715 killed – a kill rate of roughly 69%, which is consistent with what it’s been at MAS for some time. MAS is a pet killing facility, nothing more.

      1. Sad, yes! Angry, yes! Surprised, no!

        I’m waiting to see if the man who wrote such a glowing report earlier has something to say about the FACTS!

  2. And yet cages sit empty while the dead leave out the back by the truck full.

    Don’t tell me that they don’t want to kill. They do want to kill because it’s the easiest path for them. Which is why they do it day after day after day.

  3. Tennessee State Code provides for Animal Control Directors to kill owner surrendered animals immediately. The State considers that if the animals is surrendered – then no one is looking for it or wants it. As a Director I usually found that some people surrendering would keep their pets if they were offered food, S/N assistance, Vaccination help, or even tethering assistance. And those that would not – were not the best person to take care of the animal and were best to not keep it. Also – it’s a no brainer that animals that have been around people and have been kept as pets are more ready for adoption than true strays are. They are usually socialized and many of them are housebroken, good with children and good on the leash. Tennessee is beyond cruel and in the dark ages when it comes to animal welfare. I know many places in the country are – but our government truly believes that animals are property. Our laws state it. If you shoot a companion animal from your front porch all you have to say is you or your property were threatened and there’s no law that’s been broken. MAS is the worst of the worst. a huge facility that is never full yet they kill up to their ability to care for the animals. It’s hell here and many of us continue the fight for change.

    1. I noticed one of the dogs MAS killed was microchipped. I wonder if MAS checked the chip to contact the registered owner, which may or may not be the same as the surrendering party. The thing about accepting owner surrenders for immediate killing is not only does it violate the pet’s right to live but how does the shelter know the animal was not stolen? By failing to put the animal in view of the public, including posting a photo and description online, MAS is ensuring that no one looking for these pets could ever find them. It’s well established that people of ill will such as pet hating neighbors and abusive spouses will sometimes take pets to the pound as an act of vengeance against the real owners. Unfortunately, the pound serves that kind of thing up on request.

  4. Maybe if posting the names and addresses of the people who sent their pets to this killing room would make a difference. I also think that these people should be prohibited from ever owning a pet in the future. All these babies had a lot of years left in them. They should/would have been adopted, if only given a chance.

    1. I’m not going to shame people when I don’t know all the pertinent information. MAS I will certainly shame since they killed these dogs without giving them the slightest chance of adoption/foster/rescue/RTO.

  5. The law in TN unfortunately is owner surrender can be killed on intake. Strays have a minimum of 72 hours with a max of 5 days. Its at the discretion of the county. What MAS has done is nothing short of extermination. They all need to be in jail for animal abuse. That is just my opinion.

  6. This is so heartbreaking and such a needless act of cruelty. Owner surrenders are often great dogs to adopt! Sometimes older people pass and the family simply can’t deal with or doesn’t want the persons pets, the thought that they will be killed is enough to keep you up at night.
    That said, and no excuse for killing healthy animals, the perception that owner surrenders are given up for serious reasons has to be turned around. I’ve talked to some people and they honestly feel fearful about adopting an owner surrendered pet. I show them my wonderful pack of cast offs and maybe that helps but shelters really need to do some heavy marketing and pr to turn that idea around.

    1. What gets me is the one who showed some kind of aggression – a 33 pounds supposed Maltese (Maltese should not be over 10 lbs) was listed as unadoptable yet was held fo ra number of days… this seems to be a standard i see when i read of these pet killing facilities. – animals who may not be adoptable due to behavior or illness are kept for more days that ones who are highly adoptable and healthy??? I do not understand this at all.

  7. The following letter to the editor was printed in the Hendricks County Flyer 7/6/2013. This concerns your post on 5/29 regarding Hendricks County Animal Control.   Hendricks County commissioners continue to make decisions that are at the expense of the animals and are in favor of the ‘chief.’   To the editor:  “Set your goals low enough and you will always achieve them.” This was the sarcastic advice my high school Algebra teacher gave his underperforming students and seems to be the motto of the Flyer’s reporting staff, Hendricks County Humane Society, and especially the County Commissioners who oversee the operation of our animal shelter. If we were to take at face value the recent reporting by the Flyer, animal welfare in Hendricks County is doing great. The shelter is placing animals at a rate we can be proud of. Our Humane Society is fostering and placing animals through multiple adoption events at a volume comparable to those in the other metropolitan Indianapolis counties. We are accomplishing all of this through team work and positive thinking disregarding those who through their negativity might suggest that the above is not true.   The problem is that the above is not true. It is at best, exaggerated. The recent reorganization at the shelter shifted the Animal Control Chief and three other employees to the Sheriff’s department and left four employees to work at the shelter. Animal Control has never required 50% of the manpower at the shelter. The Commissioners have left the remaining shelter staff severely undermanned and set them up for failure.   The only way to accurately assess the performance of the shelter is to look at their placement statistics and how they compare with other area shelters. On May 29th of this year a reporter for the Indianapolis Star asked Commissioner Palmer for the euthanasia rate of our shelter. She said that she was not sure but thought that it was comparable to area counties. At a recent Commissioner’s meeting, Commissioner Whetstone interrupted a citizen speaker to inform her that stating the Chief Animal Control officer’s name made the discussion personal. First, how can a government official tasked with overseeing the shelter not know what the statistics are and how can they be unaware that they are not comparable to metro area counties even though we outspend all but Hamilton county? Secondly, why is Commissioner Whetstone unable to differentiate between a personnel issue and a personal issue?   The Flyer has a responsibility to the community to accurately investigate claims and insure what they are reporting is true. Nothing is going to change through wishful thinking alone and the Commissioners are not going to get our animal placement rates in line with others in the area unless the citizens demand it. In conclusion, the Commissioners practice of running our shelter differently than any other area shelter is not working. We have a new shelter, a proven staff in need of only effective leadership, residents who embrace animal adoptions, and healthy friendly animals in the shelter that would make a welcome addition to our homes. Let us set our goals high.                                                                                                Darrell Fathauer  


  8. yesbiscuit, you are doing a great job of bringing such cruelty to public knowledge and that is a huge service to the shelter-pets.. blessed are those who care for the suffering of the helpless shelter-pets.. such terrible acts of killing of innocent ones cannot be condoned and should be dealt with appropriately..
    We need, in a special way, to work twice as hard to help people understand that the animals are fellow creatures, that we must protect them and love them as we love ourselves.”
    ― César Chávez
    I became a vegetarian after realizing that animals feel afraid, cold, hungry and unhappy like we do. I feel very deeply about vegetarianism and the animal kingdom. It was my dog Boycott who led me to question the right of humans to eat other sentient beings.”
    ― César Chávez

  9. When are these bastards going to be brought down? They don’t deserve to stay in business because all they do is kill

  10. Note how they had it out for the small Maltese mix. 1 year old could have easily been adopted or rescued but they didn’t like how he acted toward them at intake as is evidenced by the exclamation mark in their description and immediately slated him to be killed without the option of adoption.

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