15 thoughts on “Name That Animal

  1. Looks like a foxglove plant and a jellyfish got together and made something new! Isn’t it nice how love can cross the divide?

  2. Gorgeous! Thanks for posting the pics. Some kind of jellyfish relative….


    These are siphonophores. There are different types, and the second photo is of a Hula Skirt Siphonophore. The most famous type is the Portuguese Man o’ War (not pictured.) Read about them:


    “The extraordinary siphonophore is a cousin of the jellyfish and it lurks right down at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean. What’s more it is actually an entire colony of zooids – clones that bud from a single egg.”

    Wiki entry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siphonophorae

  4. Whatever it is, I’m glad I just saw a picture of it. I’ll never see one live and in person that’s for sure! I’d rather think of it as a cool light fixture as the first guess was! lol!! But a cool choice, biscuit!! Keep up the wierdness! :)

  5. I think they are beautiful … from the safe distance of these photos. It seems no matter how bizarre a creature our minds can imagine, evolution has already shaped it. Wondrous!

  6. It is a shelter director. Can I say that??? DID I say that? No , actually it is more intelligent and sentient than most SDs. This is a Jellyfish.

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