No Kill Conference – Reports Wanted!

The annual No Kill Conference is being held in Washington D.C. this Saturday and Sunday.  As of this morning, I have confirmed just one person who will be live blogging from the conference – Christie Keith at Dogged.  I am assuming Animal Wise Radio will be broadcasting live from D.C. this weekend as they have in years past.

If you know of anyone else who will be live blogging or otherwise reporting from the event, please leave a comment with a link.  Also, if anyone attending is interested in posting about the conference but doesn’t have a place to do it, e-mail me and I can offer you space here.

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  1. Gina

     /  July 11, 2013


    This is only tangentially related to animal control policy (it’s more about regular law enforcement) but I thought it might be of interest.

  2. Thank you for identifying who is/will be reporting on the conference – those of us who will be missing out on all the fun and education can participate vicariously at least a little bit!!

  3. I’ll be there and drop you a note if find I find the discipline to write something. ;)

  4. John Sibley says he’ll be tweeting

    posted @ 7:21 this morning: Beginning the day way too early at the No Kill Conference in Washington, DC! Output will probably be light the next few days and will mostly be over on Twitter…



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