There ought to be a law.

Our public animal “shelters” are killing dogs and cats.  They are killing healthy dogs and friendly cats.  They kill dogs who haven’t been taught to walk on a leash and cats whose home is the community.  They kill the old, the young, the middle aged.

Some “shelters” are killing animals who are pregnant as well as pets who have already been neutered.  They kill pets who have become separated from their families and whose families want them back home.  They kill because the owner can’t afford to pay the arbitrary fines in order to bail the pet out.  They kill because they are too lazy to reunite the lost pet with the person who loves him.

Many “shelters” kill pets with readily treatable medical conditions such as coughs, colds and skin mites.  Some kill because the only veterinary drug they budget for is Fatal Plus.  They kill because healthy pets might get sick after being improperly housed with sick pets.

Our “shelters” kill because they surround themselves with enablers who attempt to justify the killing and stamp their seal of approval on every dead pet that goes into the dumpster.  They kill animals rescuers are willing to save, sometimes in retaliation for perceived slights.  They kill animals the public would adopt or foster, if only the shelter would allow the public to see all the pets at the facility.

They kill instead of doing their jobs.

They kill because they can.

There ought to be a law.  And there is.  A guide to getting the Companion Animal Protection Act passed in your city, county or state.

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  1. There ought to be a ways to stop them! The numbers are with us so
    why do they continue to get away with it? What happened to the petition we sent Obama? We need to follow up and continue to move forward!

  2. Yes, there should be a law for shelters to go No-Kill or make way for No-Kill advocates to take over.. there should be a law to stop killing of ALL shelter-pets everywhere.. Shelter-Directors should be held accountable for their shelter stats and if no improvement every three months resign and get out of animal sheltering vocation.. I see so clearly that the Americans love their stray animals and want a good life for all of them.. and I have seen the outpouring of such tender love for the homeless ones on so many blogs.. and heartfelt condemnation and untold misery on the state of affairs at many shelters who mercilessly kill, kill and kill innocent pets in the name of duty and “protecting” the public..
    please American bureaucrats.. take note of your people’s love for their stray animals and the World’s support and love for them..and do all you can to promote CAPA and other humane legislation for the stray pets.. then you can be sure of another term at Office.

  3. They kill because they are so overwhelmed that they have no other choices. They kill because there are so many irresponsible people dumping pets on them because they don’t want to deal with them anymore. They kill because people breed without thinking of the consequences. They kill because people can’t be bothered to vaccinate and provide basic medical care for their pets. Until the rest of society can learn to be responsible pet owners, they will continue to kill because there is simply no room. I plead for all of you screaming that there “should be a law” against the killing of shelter pets to spend one week volunteering for the shelters in your area. When you see the sheer volume of animals they take in on a daily basis, when you stand in the receiving lobby and listen to the “excuses” that owners make for turning over their pets, when you see the strays that sit in cages waiting for owners who never show… maybe then you will see the reason behind the action.

    1. There is no excuse. Even if everybody everywhere is horrible, irresponsible and cruel (they aren’t), it would never justify the killing of pets who are supposed to be sheltered. The public is the solution, not the problem. I won’t spend one second helping my local pet killing facility, never mind one week. I’m trying to make it harder for them to kill, not HELP them for chrissakes.

    2. I volunteer at the local shelter in my county. We have a kill rate of under 5%. Here, the shelter staff don’t make escuses. The next county over has similar demographics and similar economic conditions. They have a much higher kill rate at their animal shelter – because they make excuses like the ones you’re making.

      And I am a volunteer. So are almost all the rest of the shelter staff. We make it work. So can you.

  4. So what happens when shelters are so inundated with animals that they have dogs starving to death and dying of kennel cough because they don’t have enough money to pay for food and vaccines? Shelters are NOT the problem, what a ridiculous thing to say. The shelter my current dog came from is in NC and they gas something like 50-100 dogs a week. Is it terrible? Absolutely! What would be worse is if they didn’t euthanize that many pets and they all suffered and died slow miserable deaths from starvation and disease.

    Stop putting the blame on the wrong people. It’s crappy breeders and irresponsible owners who are the problem, and that’s NOT an excuse!

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