Treats on the Internets

A member of the so-called irresponsible public in Hyde Co, NC opened her own shelter after county officials failed to do their jobs regarding the community’s pets.

The Macon-Bibb pound in GA killed 5 puppies after one confirmed case of parvo.  The facility is now on quarantine.  The article states that a six week old puppy was adopted and died from parvo within days.  Six weeks of age is too young to separate a puppy from her dam and littermates although the article doesn’t indicate whether a dam and/or littermates were sheltered with the pup.  Parvo is not a license to kill shelter dogs.

Raised by Wolves explains what due diligence entails these day when researching a rescue or other charitable animal organization.

Three police officers in CA were taken off the streets last week after a video of them shooting a man’s dog went viral.  The action was not disciplinary in nature but a response to alleged death threats.

American dogs have been genetically traced back to Asia, not Europe, in a new study.

Scientific American:  “Seeding events in forests, on the rise due partly to climate change, provide more food for invasive mammals and could be the cause of a boom in their populations.”  (Warning:  photo of a dead stoat at link.)

A pig.  With a furrowed brow.  That looks like Yoda.

And from reader Claire, a video of one Beagle pushing another in a shopping cart.

3 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. To follow up with the cops shooting the dog…I found this interesting video on Youtube… This guy actually takes the time to break things down to shwo people where the cops did wrong. While I am so sick of watching videos of cops shooting dogs – it needs to be done to raise awareness in the fact that cops are corrupt & obviously do NOT get proper training for field work like they should. Since the majority of homes in the US have dogs it would seem that this should be a class in police training to have animal behavior….this just makes me sick to my stomach. I hope Mr. Rosby sues their rear ends off & then some…. BTW there is quite a comment section on this…people are sick of cops doing this crap & hopefully this will result in more than jsut “desk duty” for the idiot that caused the dog to lunge at the officer…the cop was WRONG and it is so clear in this video. Actually ALL of the cops involved in this were wrong..they all screwed up & did things that were unneccessary during the entire episode. Unfortunately I know this isn’t the last we’ll hear of cops shooting pets…though I wish it was.

  2. Hmm… Maybe instead of trying to get rid of all the cats in New Zealand, they should let the cats take care of all the rats and stoats. The article says that THOSE introduced animals have wiped out many species of birds. Cats aren’t looking so bad now, are they, NZ?

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