Treats on the Internets

In NC, the Gaston Co AC supervisor says he’ll do “whatever it takes” to get pets out alive.  But it was a member of the so-called irresponsible public who recently sought out a major TV station’s help to promote the 60 pets on the kill list.  And so many blaggards stepped up to adopt, the pound was left with only 10 pets to kill – which they did, of course.  Whatever it takes.

Georgia Department of Agriculture ordered 87 cats quarantined at the DeKalb Co pound and 48 dogs quarantined at Cobb Co due to disease.

Police in Henrico Co, VA visited the home of a murdered 33 year old man to inform family members of his death.  While there, they shot the family’s dog to death.

PETA’s lies rebutted by Rescue One Dog.

File under:  ACO doing good:  An ACO in Anderson, SC found a stray Shih Tzu in a ravine nursing an orphaned kitten.  BuzzFeed has the adorable photos.  I love that the kitten looks very much like the surrogate mama.

And again:  An ACO in Clark Co, WA climbed a ladder and sat on a roof tossing hot dog bits to successfully lure a small dog who’d gotten trapped there somehow.  (Thanks Danny for the link.)

Headline of the Week: Why Won’t This Cat Answer My Questions About Climate Change?

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