No Good News Out of Genesee Co Pet Killing Facility

The Genesee Co pound in Flint, MI has gone back and forth from frying pan to fire in recent years. Stepheni Lazar, the Animal Control head from 2009 through early 2012, killed roughly 16,000 dogs and cats during her tenure according to the state’s annual reports:

  • 2009:  8009 dogs and cats killed of 10,090 taken in – 79% kill rate
  • 2010:  6062 dogs and cats killed of 8072 taken in – 75% kill rate
  • 2011:  1766 dogs and cats killed of 2477 taken in – 51% kill rate

Ms. Lazar was replaced in March 2012 by Walt Rodabaugh. He too killed most of the animals entrusted to his care:

  • 2012:  3957 dogs and cats killed of 6125 taken in – 65% kill rate

In May 2012, Mr. Rodabaugh dragged 28 Pitbulls on chokepoles from a home and then killed them.  In September, he suspended the pound’s volunteer program claiming his employees felt threatened.  Earlier this month, a citizen filed a complaint after he says he tried to surrender 2 dogs to the pound and was told by an employee the only way the county would accept them is if he signed an owner requested “euthanasia” form.

A county commissioner ordered a temporary halt to killings while the matter was investigated.  While I don’t know the outcome of that investigation, Mr. Rodabaugh resigned this week.  County commissioners immediately appointed Ms. Lazar to replace him without consulting the citizen advisory committee pushing for reform at the pound.

Frying pan, fire – it’s hard to distinguish sometimes, ain’t it?

8 thoughts on “No Good News Out of Genesee Co Pet Killing Facility

  1. The good news is that Pedigree will continue to provide a year’s worth of free food to the shelter, even though the walking requirement is not being met.

    More bad news is the shelter received a $9600 grant for spay and neuter. It must be used before the end of the year and so far not one cent has been used.

    Genesee Residents for Animal Control Evolution

    1. They can’t manage to spend free money for spay/neuter? Sheesh. But I’m sure “they’re doing the best they can”…

      On Thu, Jul 25, 2013 at 11:05 AM, YesBiscuit!

      1. They need a director who will make this shelter permanently no kill and reinstate the volunteer program.

  2. We really need to get our act together here in the mitten. There is a private FB group and on the 21st the position was posted looking for someone to lead their dream of “10% or less killed”

    I’ll see what kind of unrest I cause by asking if they think Ms. Lazar is the leader they’re looking for.

  3. It goes on and on! When will we get a handle on this and stop them all! This is ridiculous and I’m ashamed of this country!

  4. Chief Officer Walt Rodabaugh said he suspended the volunteer program after an employee claimed a volunteer used a hand to mimic a gun to the head in front of the employee and that the child of another employee was told, “Your mom is a murderer” by a volunteer.

    Really? Obviously, he would be justified in banning the individual from the premises, but how does this lone incident justify shutting down the volunteer program altogether?

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