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  1. I don’t usually do this, and don’t really WANT to, but I’m struggling, so I’m going to ask for help. I’m running a fundraiser at http://igg.me/at/fundourfosters/x/3438129 to try and raise money to help me take care of my pets (rescued animals) while I work on finding a stable place to live and start over. See, my husband died earlier this spring, and the insurance was canceled on the house, which means I have nearly nothing left and no money to cover these losses. On top of that, our rescue vehicle (a van) blew up mere hours before the house caught fire. And in the same week, my grandmother died and my father was diagnosed with lung cancer, again. And last week, the transmission on my Jeep gave out. There’s more tragic stuff, but those are the big ones. I was wondering if you’d be willing to share the link to http://www.fundourfosters with people, so that perhaps I can raise the money to get back on my feet, and have a safe place to live and find a new job (my job was caretaker for my husband, so it ended when his life did). Most desperate though, is that the boarding for August is due for my pets ($1150 for the dogs, and $515 for the cats), and I literally have NO way to pay. My bank account is in the negative, I have $6 in my pocket, and I’ve exhausted every resource I can. I’ve applied for over 100 jobs, but so far no luck, which is in part because I’m homeless, probably. I’m applying for aid, but they don’t cover pet expenses, and most won’t do anything to help with the cars. Shelters, when they have space, don’t take pets, so it’s not like I can just keep them with me, and besides, they are in western NY, and I’m in South Dakota right now due to the Jeep breaking down. I’d really appreciate it if you had any ideas, or other options that might be able to help me. Or maybe just spread the word to anybody else who might be able to help. Thank you for your time.

    1. Nice! Thanks for sharing some good news with us.
      And many happy wishes for the newlyweds to have a long and healthy life together.

    1. “Silent Killers” – The New NYC AC&C “Policy”
      August 3, 2013 at 3:59pm
      Not too long ago, it was rare to go a few days without rescues receiving an urgent email plea from NYC AC&C, stating that a particular animal “MUST BE PULLED BY 3 pm…” or “MUST LEAVE FOR VET ASAP.” Lately, the only “urgent” pleas that the AC&C sends out are for the occasional parvo puppy. We all assumed that there just were not that many urgent cases that were not getting pulled before hitting the “list.” We could not have been more wrong.

      There is a new trend at the AC&C – silent killing. Was it brought on by the new director? Does it have anything to do with new medical staff hires? We can’t say, but we do know there is a disturbing new policy at the NYC AC&C – “humanely (quietly) euthanizing,” without sending a plea. In the past month alone, at least 7 dogs (that we know of) were destroyed at the AC&C for “medical conditions,” without a single plea or being placed on the “At Risk List.” Several others have died in their cages, after being left to suffer without any medical attention. The AC&C quietly disposed of all their bodies and thought no one would notice. Guess what? We did.

      1. That place needs to be shut down, fumigated (with the offending officials inside) and the poor animal victims sent to real “shelters” and “rescues”. Hopefully the word will get out to someone(s) who can actually do something.

        Heck, if people don’t like us killing them, so we won’t tell is just fail, fail, fail!

    1. They seem to be eons ahead of much of the world regarding animal – human relationships. In the article it sounds as if they have a good plan for those confined animals. I wonder how they handle domestic animals in Costa Rica.

    1. Dogs in a barrel…sheesh. They might be less “skittish” if they didn’t stick them in barrels.

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