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  1. Here in Prince George’s County in MD, we are trying — some more — to keep BSL from hurting people whether they are disabled or not — people can support the effort here: http://mdflegislativeupdate.wordpress.com/2013/07/01/prince-georges-authorities-seize-service-dog/

    And to let the local legislature know how we feel about our dogs, people can also sign a petition, here: http://www.capwiz.com/bestfriends/issues/alert/?alertid=62797826#.UgKFkawuT10.email

    It is sometimes daunting just how stubborn humans are about doing things that are good for both people AND animals. Our county has been the bad example for so very many others to REJECT our model. We hope some day someone will see the light right here!

    Really glad to see that Rob Thomas called No Kill for help!!

    1. Yes, it’s sad he’s misinformed. It would not be a funny episode of the “Simpsons” if their pets got lost, then found by members of PETA and ended up dead like the thousands of others they have killed to date. So many are mislead by PETA’s ever changing stories and lies. It would be nice if you could trust their info, but they themselves have made it impossible. http://www.whypetakills.org

  2. Woman charged after leaving kittens at shelter

    This article doesn’t mention what happened to the cats after they were left at the pound. They are probably already dead and in the landfill. The county is probably going to spend way more resources prosecuting this woman than they spent on the cats themselves.

    I’m torn about this, because the woman may have really thought she was doing the right thing by leaving the cats in a carrier outside of the so-called “shelter.” Lots of people think pounds actually do save animals, when what they mostly do is kill them and either throw them away like garbage or sell them to be used as dissection kits.

      1. Fool. No walls can contain a Beagle forever. But you keep on believing that if it helps you sleep at night…

  3. Pit bull haters in Seattle are attempting BSL via the back door: asking the parks board to ban dogs from two important downtown parks. It seems pit bulls have been seen in these parks, so all dogs must be banned.

    Local blogger Seattle DogSpot has created a petition aimed at the mayor and the acting parks commission. A link to the petition is included in his post on the issue (see below).

    Seattle DogSpot rightly expresses concern that the parks board — which consists of volunteers, i.e., people who are not elected — could be pressured by the very persistent local haters into enacting breed discrimination, something that the Seattle City Council has refused to do.

    If you live in Seattle, please considering signing and sharing the petition. Seattle DogSpot’s post is here:


    1. “One Less Dog that Will Need a Walk”
      August 12, 2013 at 3:10pm
      “One Less Dog that Will Need a Walk Today”

      Chilling words to any animal advocate, but to find out those words actually flowed from the lips of someone in charge of their care, is shocking. To find out they were uttered while the animal laid dead in his cage, IN ADOPTIONS, is disturbing. To know that the shelter opened at 8AM yet his body was not discovered for HOURS, is just heartbreaking.

    2. RIP sweet Miller – you deserved so much more. What an awful place for any animal to end up at. Whoever made that comment ought to be escorted right out the door, never allowed to return.

      NYC the greatest city? Nah, I don’t think so.

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