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After reportedly attempting to bully volunteers prepared to speak out publicly about allegations of abuse at the St. George Animal Shelter in UT, the mayor will apologize.  Up for re-election this year, the mayor says he “didn’t mean it to be that way” and that instead of referring to the group as “fanatics”, should have used a word such as “impassioned”.

MI scrapped plans for a statewide database of people convicted of animal cruelty but is now considering a bill that would require shelters to perform background checks on adopters.  Applicants convicted of animal cruelty would not be allowed to adopt pets.  My problem with this bill is that, without the animal cruelty database, shelters will have to look into the applicant’s entire criminal background which is likely to deter some adopters.  In the absence of a national animal cruelty database, which is what I believe is needed, I favor researching animal cruelty convictions on the internet.

The former manager of a PA shelter is in jail, charged with felony theft in the amount of $73,000.  He allegedly used the money stolen from the shelter  to pay volunteers, one of whom was his girlfriend, purchase football season tickets, jewelry and ski trips.  More than $10 grand was allegedly spent at a local country club.  (Thanks Arlene for the link.)

A SC man was visiting MT with his beagle when the dog got lost.  Before the owner could find his pet, he wrecked his car and was trapped inside for 36 hours with a broken neck and other serious injuries.  After his rescue, the local news covered the story and the owner related his concern for his missing beagle.  The Good Samaritan who had found and been caring for the dog saw the news piece, called AC and turned the dog in to await the owner’s recovery.

Mashable has a piece on a NC photographer who takes one dog a week from the Wake Co pound to a nearby landfill park for pictures.  Most of the 41 dogs photographed to date have been adopted.

Brothers, aged 4 and 6, in the Canadian province of New Brunswick were asphyxiated by a 14 foot python while they slept at a friend’s home above a pet shop.  New Brunswick banned pythons in 2009.  The snake has been killed.

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  1. Hey, little bit of everything today. Love the Landfill Dogs. Heartbreaking about the little boys. I can’t even imagine.

    1. That is terrible. And then they compound it by killing the snake. As if the snake is “vicious” or something.

      1. Something doesn’t seem quite right about the snake story. While I have no doubts a snake that large is capable of killing a child, I do doubt it could kill two quietly. Not only would the children be screaming and flailing around, a 14 foot snake in a ventilation system would also be VERY loud. Particularly if it fell from the ceiling.

      2. I wondered too what would motivate the snake to kill the second child. I could understand the first one might have been an “oops, I killed something too big to eat” but to then move on to the second child?

  2. Thousands of us are still fighting for an animal abuse registry in Michigan. No matter how long it takes we will not give up.

  3. This is a treat of a quote from one of Nathan Winograd’s commenters…hope its ok for me to quote Mr. Charles Smith.

    “If the pen is mightier than the sword, your pen sir packs the punch of an aircraft carrier battle group. I am confident that one day we will prevail, and live in a No Kill nation, one based on your break through equation and brilliant work.”

    This applies to Shirley’s work as well.

  4. A documentary about animal abuse is being filmed. It will be distributed to 5000 animal shelters and film festivals nationwide. Funding has already been obtained. Please call me at 928 208-0567 or email me at for input about animal shelter abuse.

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