Live Online Discussion Today about Saving the Lives of Pets in Norfolk, VA

A live online discussion is being advertised to take place at noon Eastern today between No Kill Norfolk and People for Putting Pets into Piggly Wiggly Dumpsters, aka PETA.  I will be unable to tune in live but hopefully someone will let us know how it went.  Just having a wild guess, I’m predicting something like this:

NO KILL:  There are dozens of open admission shelters all over the country saving more than 90% of their pets.  It can be done here in Norfolk too.


PETA:  brb, Hafta go kill some pets.

13 thoughts on “Live Online Discussion Today about Saving the Lives of Pets in Norfolk, VA

  1. I hope someone is bringing vegan cupcakes for the PeTA folk…or a freezer full of dead kittens, you know, whatever makes them happy.

  2. Shared on my page, and I asked for anyone who can tune in to post comments here or on my share – in which case I’ll copy/paste any comments to here.

    On a personal note, I hope NKN hammers peta in this debate.

  3. My favorite question and PETA’s answer.

    PETA’s 90% kill rate has to be unacceptable to all, no matter how one feels about the no-kill question. What is PETA doing to increase their “live” rate?

    Numbers alone never tell the real story. I promise you that if you saw the animals we serve, percentages would become meaningless. Each animal deserves to be considered as an individual. PETA is out there on the front so that we and all other shelters in Hampton Roads and beyond have LESS animals to deal with. Imagine how many MORE animals Hampton Roads shelters would have to serve if PETA hadn’t sterilized 95,000 plus so far? That’s why we sink resources into prevention.

    The chat is available to read if you missed it.

    1. They are so full of shit, I can’t even…

      Hey, we kill each healthy, adoptable animal individually, so we’re really good people!

      And…look over HERE——->we do s/n!!!! Isn’t that awesome? Isn’t is shiny enough to distract you from all the bodies in the freezer? Wheee!!!!

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