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    1. Wow, I wish I had an opening – the photos are so nice, they make all the animals look wonderful! It really makes a difference to actually be able to see a ‘personality’ through a photo – it’s closer to having them right in front of you so you can fall for them far more than from a crummy, dim photo of a scared animal in a dark cage.

  1. From the Bush League Division of the Will They Ever Learn Department, city management of Royse City, Texas locked volunteers out of the municipal No Kill shelter and changed the locks after reading negative comments on a private Facebook page. This always happens when someone has something to hide. Chief Jeff Stapleton is wrong about one thing in the article: Royse City had a No Kill shelter until he screwed it up. http://roysecityheraldbanner.com/local/x738625449/Animal-shelter-volunteers-gone-after-multiple-issues-arise

  2. Hi,
    My name is Samantha Lee and I am the founder of Frisky Felines Foundation, a no kill cat shelter. My family loves animals and love to help people. The love we have to help others has cost us a lot. Let me explain. In 2011 our rescue was raided out of retaliation of me filing a tort claim against animal control. Then 4 of our cats were killed in order to get criminal charges against my husband and me.

    We have been fighting for nearly 21 months to get our animals home. 7 months after the raid, another cat died, 12 months after the raid the rooster died. We need help getting these animals home and to expose the monster this aco is.

    This is our story. http://friskyfelinesfoundation.weebly.com/the-truth-behind-the-raid-upon-our-shelter.html

    This is our petition if you want to sign it. http://www.causes.com/actions/1631454-bring-the-lees-pets-home

    This is our plea for donations to pay the animals attorney. http://www.causes.com/causes/657277/updates/794304 We still need $3500 to pay of the nearly $8000 it is taking to get our furbabies home :(

    We are setting up an organization to stop this, however, we need help to save our own so we can start saving others. I hope you will help us, we don’t want you to go through this heartache :(

  3. So, MIke Fry and Kelly Jedlicki came to town and we had a free public workshop one day and a closed meeting with local officials the next day. I was not present for the closed meeting and that was part of the plan. The mayor kept saying things like “but we’re almost there” and “why aren’t you rescues doing more?” He was speaking the same party lines we have heard for years and years. Since our shelter director attended the no kill conference in 2009, 22k animals have died. I’m not sure what “there” the mayor could have been referring to.

    So. Now we try to keep the subject out there with the public to stay relevant. Folks in Austin have been in touch by email but it will be up to the officials to actually talk to them for help. Austin is not without issues; but Larry Tucker has confirmed the transition to no kill was done with no additional cost output and with the shelter being run by someone with no experience in animal welfare.

    Wish us luck. If any of you have ideas on how to keep the ball rolling down the field, by all means share. We presented petition results to elected officials already and our petition remains open so we have a reason to keep sending follow-up letters.

  4. I want to talk about that photo.

    That’s an adult male Dane.

    He is a large, substantial, well-built dog. “Great,” even.

    If the photo was taken during Lamar and Markey’s marriage, it would be around 1940.

    73 years ago an adult male Great Dane ‘s shoulder came to mid-thigh on an adult man who — thank you google — was a little above average in height at 5’11”.

    That was considered plenty big. GIANT.

    So why must Danes all be a foot taller than this specimen now? Why, if a dog is tall, must he be ever taller until he is freakishly so? Why if small must he fit into a mason jar, if short-legged his chest must drag the ground, if hairy he must be lost in his own fur?

    1. Yeah I had to look twice at the dog because when I first glanced, I thought “Great Dane” and then after I typed the caption, I had to look again because proportionally, he doesn’t look like the Danes of today. He looks more normal. I wondered for a moment if I had misidentified the breed. The AKC show judges seem to reward everything that breeders are willing to take to an extreme. And there always seem to be breeders willing to do it.

  5. Major NY Times Magazine story on elephant exploitation for profit in India, and the activist who’s trying to stop it.

    “Among men who deal in the selling and trading of elephants, the mere mention of Venkitachalam’s name never fails to set off a rant. They say that he’s unreasonable and prone to exaggeration or that he must be taking money from some outside sources. . . . ”


    1. And an accompanying “sidebar” piece by the same writer, introducing a “Big, Blingy Indian Love Song for a Brandy-Swigging Elephant.”

      This shorter piece introduces an eye-filling video about one of the pop-star elephants profiled in his main story. There’s a lot of cool dancing in the video . . . but the elephant is not only captive, but hobbled, with half-tusks. There are also crowd scenes with huge numbers of elephants lined up in costume.

      “One of the foremost chroniclers of Kerala’s elephant craze is a filmmaker named Sreekumar Arookutty, who was the creator, director, writer and host of a popular local TV show called ‘E4 Elephant’. . . . Arookutty . . . directed the music video below . . . which provides about as vivid a taste of Kerala’s elephant-fan culture as could be hoped for.”


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