Feedback Please

In recognition of the fact that there are a lot of blogs to read and limited time in which to read them, I am hoping readers would indicate their preference on how many posts they feel they can manage on YesBiscuit.  Please choose one answer from the poll below and feel welcome to expand your answer in the comments.

9 thoughts on “Feedback Please

  1. I can do a post a day, generally speaking. It gives me time to check out the news articles referred to and allows for discussion back and forth.

    Of course, if something comes up, an action alert or breaking story, a second posting is appropriate and welcome!

  2. I voted for daily; probably more than that would be too much. As one of the most entertaining (because of style of writing – the dry humor & sarcasm) blogs; I’d make time to read almost anything you’d find worthy to comment on. Your posts are succinct and to the point, and uncover glaring incidents that I like to be kept aware of. I really appreciate your effort.

  3. I ditto everybody else . . . I read your blog every day, and if something is breaking, there may be more than one post (so I’m not sure which button to click).

    You consistently analyze the shelter system in a way that makes the poor thinking and self-serving positions of local officials really clear. Your work is extremely valuable and we know it takes a lot of effort. Thank you!

  4. One post per new topic that you want to post about (plus a general quick links post, if applicable.)

    That is, make it about quality, not quantity

  5. I chose more than one post per day, because I agree with other commenters… one a day with breaking news warranting another post if needed. There are literally only TWO blogs that I receive emails on to read immediately, and yours is one. There are tons of other blogs that I check every few days, weekly, monthly, or sporadically, but yours I pretty much devour as soon as I see posts.

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