Treats on the Internets

Director of Memphis pound refuses to take any action against ACO who allegedly used his badge to bully a resident over a personal matter.  (Thanks Arlene for the link.)

In Moore Co, NC, an ACO shot five dogs he diagnosed with mange after efforts to trap them attracted cats instead of the dogs.  The owner had signed over the five dogs.  After a citizen complained about the killings, the county’s animal operations director told county commissioners shooting was the right action.  (Thank you Clarice.)

A drug dog with the Greensboro, GA Police Department retired in December 2012 and went home with his handler.  The handler reportedly gave the dog to a neighbor who took him to the local pound.  A rescue group pulled him off death row.  (Thanks Clarice.)

Charleston, West Virginia is discussing a possible cat limit law (2 per residence) because hoarders! And ferals!  (Thank you Vicki.)

Five workers at a private shelter in FL told the local news they were being forced to medicate pets without supervision of a veterinarian.  The shelter fired all five after the story aired.  (Thanks Clarice.)

The problem with trying to outdo Mitt Romney.  (Thanks all who sent in this link.)

4 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. Big surprise, no accountability in Memphis. Again. Even though they have the policy rules right there that were clearly violated.

    And remember, this is the same award-winning ACO who dragged Mario by the neck, gasping for air, nearly unconscious and lying in his own urine, through the shelter without realizing that he was doing anything wrong. He didn’t get any sort of discipline for that, either.

  2. The laws that are so frequently broken in Memphis is astounding! Those at MAS are far too blatantly broken far far too often. At the very least it is a CRIME to pass yourself off as a police officer. Mr. Rogers is apparently not the person anyone hoped he would be. He needs to be replaced as he has not improved MAS for the animals there in any way. He puts one face on for the public and behind doors he is quite another person.

  3. MAS should fire him, and hire me. Tell ya what Memphis… I’ll live in the shelter with the animals, work for room, board, and a few dollars a day, and I’ll bet that even without management of shelter experience, I can save more animals than you are saving now. And I’ll cost you PENNIES compared to this guy.

    On the ACO shooting that dogs, I will give credit ONLY IF we get to see pictures of these horribly suffering dogs that convinces me they really were in such desperate condition that it might be considered more humane than letting them be in pain. Why not shoot them with tranqs and get them into a vet?

    I can’t understand how the officer could even give up the dog that was his partner. I’m about to lose all my animals, and am scrabbling desperately to find a solution, and this guy pretty much dumps his partner? Ugh!

    Seems to me that instead of a limit, require cats to be registered like dogs (more money for the govt!), and require them to be contained via leash or remaining in cat proofed areas in or out on owner’s property makes more sense. Personally, I think limits are wrong as it is.. so long as the animals are receiving quality care, there shouldn’t be one.

    And that last one sounds pretty shady to me. Firing FIVE workers for speaking out? Don’t we have whistleblower laws?

  4. The leo giving up his partner is really hard to wrap my head around.. Way back I lived near a retired police officer who took in retired k9 dogs. He lived for those dogs, when the city said he had too many and couldn’t keep them it literally killed him. The entire area had submitted petitions in his favor for him to be allowed to keep the dogs but the council didn’t care. That has bothered me from that day forward, that such loyalty and kindness was not allowed let alone respected.

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