Billy Stewart Sentenced for Torturing Pets While Employed at Memphis Pound

Billy Stewart, convicted in June of four felony counts of animal cruelty for torturing animals in the kill room at MAS has been sentenced by judge Paula Skahan.  WREG reports:

Count 1-  2 years of which he must serve at least at 30%
Count 2- 2 years of which he must serve at least30% consecutively
Count 3- 2 years of which he must serve at least 30% concurrently
Count 4- 11 months 29 days of which he must serve at least concurrently
Count 5- 2 years of which he must serve at least at 30% concurrently

No probation was allowed.

Stewart’s defense is appealing.

If I interpret the sentencing correctly, Stewart must serve at least 438 days in jail.  It’s not enough, of course.  It does nothing to take away the terror he inflicted on defenseless animals before killing them – animals the city of Memphis, Stewart’s greatest defender, paid him to protect.  But in this broken shelter system of ours where we see so much violence against dogs and cats by those charged with their care for which there is no accountability, it’s something.

The Commercial Appeal is reporting that Stewart will remain free on bond, pending his appeal.

The other two MAS workers caught in the same undercover operation were Archie Elliott and Frank Lightfoot. In October 2012, they pleaded guilty to six counts of aggravated animal cruelty and requested diversion so that they would not have to serve time in prison and could have their records wiped clean in future.  The judge denied this request, sentencing Mr. Elliott to 2 years and Mr. Lightfoot to 20 days in prison on the weekends.

45 thoughts on “Billy Stewart Sentenced for Torturing Pets While Employed at Memphis Pound

  1. I thought I read that he isn’t serving any jail time now- waiting on the appeal…. do not know how that works, but what if the appeal continues to get delayed….he is still a free man right now – SUX! But glad that the judge did sentence him….

    1. The wheels of justice turn slowly. I’d hate to be the kind of “free” that he is right now – with a dark cloud following me day and night.

      1. I think once someone is found guilty and sentenced, they’re behind bars until their appeal is heard. At least that’s how it works in Texas; however, things may be different in Tennessee.

      2. You would need a “soul” to have that dark cloud. He is not getting enough of a punishment for the horror that he did. Death penalty should be given because if you abuse animals the next step is abusing people!!!!!

      3. Antoinette, I so totally agree with you. My ex-husband did exactly that. He kicked the golden retriever, then he took to abusing me.

    1. I think that animal lovers should be the one to set penalties for the abuses. As an animal lover, we have a different perspective on the value of the lives of animals and are therefore most qualified to correctly assess judgement. I have very little hate.. but I reserve it for those who abuse animals and children and the defenseless.

  2. Lightfoot. Hmmmm. Any relation to dogcatcher Sandie Lightfoot who perjured herself at court and lied about Lennox being dangerous in her zeal to kill him?

    It’s no coincidence that paedophiles seek employment that gives them access to children, and animal killers work where they can indulge their psychopathy.

    Time for a psychiatric evaluation of some of these people.

    1. And specifically some pedophiles seek the priesthood, where they can access children AND be held up on the highest pedestal of virtue so as to never be suspected. Wonder where animal abusers get their ideas.

  3. But…but he wasn’t trained properly! He didn’t know that what he was doing was wrong! He’s been targeted because of his color! He’s a good Christian man who believes in Jesus and takes care of his family!

    Appeal. Yeah, you file that appeal, you evil bastard. And I can only hope that they reconsider and give you MORE time.

    So. NOW can we fire everyone who witnessed the abuse and did NOTHING about it? Including Captain Flashyourbadgeandpretendyou’reacop ?

    1. Seriously the race card? Jesus wouldn’t harm one of his creatures. Might want to open that book up & read it. I do agree anyone watching & looking the other way is just as bad, but that’s the only thing in your comment I agree with.

      1. It was sarcasm, Kay. All those statements in the first paragraph were the sort that were being made when charges were first brought against him – his family defended what he did what that sort of crap.

    2. I’m with you. To know about a crime and do nothing is the same as committing a crime. I hate abusive people with animals and children. They are the two weakest groups that we should protect.

  4. Not enough, no, but it’s something! Too bad MAS and the powers that be in Memphis won’t clean house.

    1. I agree – NOT enough – BUT hopefully, MAS will DO BETTER – hire qualified, caring & spend time to train – What a ‘black eye’ for the city & the MAS……..

  5. That bastard!!! I hope he gets tortured when his ass lands in jail!!! How can anyone anise an animal and then kill it??? He’s a lowlife scumbag and I hope he gets his!!!!

  6. If the shelter is his greater defender, I say close the shelter. Not enough time, but you were right when you said this is our broken shelter system.

  7. This is a small victory for the innocent animals. I wish the laws were better and sentences were longer.

  8. I’m glad he was given jail time – not that he doesn’t deserve more – much, much more – but I was afraid that he’d get off with a slap on the wrist. It’s a start.

  9. God said that we must take care of the earth and animals. Why must people that deliberately inflict harm and pain, get away with it so easy? No sorow or mercy was present when these people did these things to poor defenceless animals. They should be treated the with the exact curtacy they had for these poor animals.

  10. Call me evil, I could care less, but it makes me laugh that Stewart is the only one of this ‘gang’, (gang as in those arrested after the undercover investigation) that has kept this self righteous ‘I didn’t do nothin, I’ll show y’all, with my ‘big time’ lawyer’ that has gotten any measurable form of punishment. I hope and pray his appeal is unsuccessful, and costs him much more than his failure mouthpiece has already. Speaking of cost…I wonder how this (unemployed???) loser is paying for all this legal counsel? Maybe there’s another investigation – just saying.

  11. Ah to be given a few days, weeks with him. The terror I could inflict on him with a song in my heart and a smile on my face. That is NOT justice for what he did with just over a year to be served if he does even that. Justice is to make him suffer 1000000 times worse for the rest of his waste of a life.

  12. I’m appalled that mistreaters of the innocent are only given a slap on the hand. The animals should have been handled with care and apathy, not tortured! If these were CHILDREN, and this was a case of child abuse, would this scumbag have gotten such a light sentence? Many times people treat their animals as if they are their children. Ask any pet owner if their dog or cat isn’t a part of the family–chances are they’ll tell you yes.
    So, when are the rules going to change? I sure hope that along with his sentencing, he never allowed to own or come near another animal again in his life, or face stiffer penalties.

  13. This good Christian family man didn’t know that torture and cruelty toward innocent animals is wrong? Some people have learn even life’s most basic lessons the hard way! He should be in prison right now serving his time and learning his lessons the hard way!

  14. this bottom feeder and friends will end up with a slap on the hand. I will then say we will be hearing about these losers when they do something to a child or person. I will hold the court responsible for this. when will the madness end that some things like this can knowingly inflict pain for pleasure? I hope that they get exactly what they deserve from KARMA because our system is so broken they won’t do a thing.

  15. i hope He gets to understand animals feel pain, and deserve respect. something the animal workers at CHAR MECK ANIMAL CONTROL NEVER DID.. when all those pictures were taken and posted on their face book pages. after covering up for each other, they got rehired and hired at other facilities…shame

  16. This is so disturbing and even more disturbing that he has a family! This story so sickens me but what worse is so many others that are not caught. The amount of violence against people and animals is heartbreaking and we need so much change its appalling how messed up our country and laws are this man definately deserves more time. He should also be evaluated at home I guarantee hes abusive at home and a christian yeah right! Think again hes more of a major demon. What a creep hope he gets a taste of his own medicine very soon!

  17. This will continue until pets are considered to be just property. There should be pet laws, where violated bring swifter and heftier penalties. Also, all dog raising businesses should be licensed and strictly regulated. No more puppy mills.

  18. The Memphis Animal shelter is always on the news. A woman ACO had charges brought up against her and they were dropped. She picked up a families dog, was a pit or pit mix and sold it and lied about it. They hire felons. There will never be enough justice for the animals at that hell hole. There are cats that are terrifeid being there and are deemed feral and PTS. It’s pathetic for a city shelter.

    1. This has been going on for a long time. The powers that be assured us that the new building would result in a much better shelter for the animals of Memphis. They just don’t care, continue to abuse and neglect the animals unfortunate enough to end up there, and alienate those who care about the animals and are willing to do something to help them.
      It has to start at the top – Memphis needs to have a thorough house-cleaning, top to bottom.

  19. My heart breaks for what those animals endured before their final death. It’s not bad enough that they are being put to death, through No Fault of their own, but to be tortured before hand is beyond sadistic!
    This man needs to be removed from society Permanently; along with his cronies that also tortured these innocent victims!
    When did we allow shelters to become stopping grounds for sick twisted individuals to act out their cruel inhumane acts?!
    We need to severely punish these individuals and never allow them to harm another animal.
    We need stiffer fines, jail time & a National Data Base for Animal Abusers to help law enforcement, ACO’s, Rescues, and shelters.
    It is Our Responsibility to ensure the safety & well being of all animals that enter these facilities!
    Please ensure that this Never happens again.

  20. We need tougher cruelty laws and for it apply to everyone. Cops are supposed to be held to higher standard as are teachers. It blows my mind that in animal welfare, those that should be held to a higher standard are protected from it.

  21. This is Billy Stewart girlfriend he didnt serve any time in jail amd I think its fucked up

    1. Oh honey, you deserve so much better! Go find yourself a real man who is worthy of your love and devotion.

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