Hernando Co Pound – More Bad News

Hernando Co Animal Services in FL is in the news again.  If you need to get up to speed on this place, here is the lowlight reel:

Bad Things in Hernando Co

Hernando Co Animal Services Staff Described as a “Serious Problem”

Hernando Co ACO Leaves Kitten to Suffer in Hot Truck

Oops-Cruelty ACO Upgrades to Oops-Killing

Last week, a Hernando Co ACO impounded an injured, emaciated dog from an abandoned home in the middle of the night.  The ACO left the suffering dog at the pound, failing to notify the vet of the animal’s urgent need for care.  The dog was found dead the next morning.  The sheriff’s office (which runs the pound) will investigate itself in the matter.  The ACO remains on the job.

Also last week, an owner whose 2 dogs were impounded by Hernando Co says he was told by the pound that it would cost $350 to redeem them.  The owner allegedly broke into the pound after hours and took his dogs home.  He has been charged with commercial burglary and the pound told media outlets the redemption fee for the dogs would have been zero since this was their first impound.  Somehow the owner misunderstood “no fee” to be “$350”.  I guess.

5 thoughts on “Hernando Co Pound – More Bad News

  1. I need a thesaurus to deal with these kind of sadists, appealing is not enough, disgusting…almost covers if spread thin. I’m glad the poor man got his dogs back and wow, he really went above and beyond to do so.

  2. After reading the comments, lots of people seem to think the AC officer is all purity and goodness. I hope that a true investigation is done and that, as a result, policies are put in place and enforced that truly put the welfare of the animals at the top of the priority list. I simply don’t understand how anyone can drop off an emaciated, obviously unhealthy animal in a cage just because it’s policy.
    RIP, pup, you will never again know the cruelty of man.

  3. too overwhelming for me… I can’t wait to get to heaven to hug all the murdered dogs that were never loved here on earth and the ones that were loved but never made it home.
    I am so blessed to have been a part of giving so many dogs the love and new beginnings they all deserved. I wish I was 40 years younger and could start all over. My life would have been so different. One dog at a time…..I will never give up!

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