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Kern Co AC in CA failed to notice that an emaciated dog was unable to eat because his tongue had been cut out.  Thankfully rescuers saved him.  (Thanks Anne for the link.)

Rescuers in Fremont Co, Colorado claim the pound killed a pregnant cat who had rescue lined up because she developed a fever.  (Thank you Davyd for the link.)

The Emporia Animal Shelter in KS was placed on quarantine due to an undetermined illness so a volunteer group provided the resources to set up a temporary shelter at the county fairgrounds.

A dog owner is suing Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputies, alleging in the suit that they “senselessly tortured and killed” his pet while responding to a call.  (Thanks Arlene.)

An Austin owner who claims police shot his dog then forced him to the ground where he had to watch his pet bleed to death is suing the police department for $1 million.  (Thanks Arlene.)

A bizarre and tragic story about a NYC dog who was part of a murder case and eventually found buried in a Toledo rescuer’s yard months after she claimed he was stolen.  (Thanks Arlene.)

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  1. So much sadness, I can’t even bring myself to read some of the links. But thanks for keeping these things in the public’s eye so the animals are not forgotten (and hopefully, things will change for the better).

  2. I’m with you, db. Some days, I just can’t handle the news and have to make my world smaller – look around at my beasts and say, “They are here, they are safe and well. Right now, that’s enough.”

    Interesting that the Emporia Animal Shelter in KS temporary shelter at the fairgrounds involved the Emergency Management Coordinator. And while the undisclosed illness is thought to be distemper, they haven’t moved to kill everything in sight (yet). It’s a hopeful sign, I think.

  3. The director at the Fremont Humane Society admitted killing the cat for fever. Apparently 104 fever is unhealthy/untreatable at this facility. The killed more than 40% of the live cats entering the shelter in 2013. Apparently, the feral cat test is sticking a pencil in the cage and poking the cat, if the cat attacks the pencil, the out come is it is labeled feral, then killed. Enlightened bunch here. The link to his comment “This cat that you are speaking of had a temperature of 104 degrees and was very ill. We had held her for ten days waiting for a rescue group to take her. It is never our intention to euthanize animals.” is here The post is from Thomas Cameron the regressive shelter director on site. The rescue that was picking her up that day is not mentioned and the insinuation is that a rescue did not come forward. A representative of the rescue said they would have taken the pregnant cat with a fever and got it taken care of.

  4. The poor unnamed mama cat was all set to deliver her babies in freedom. No vet was called. The rescuer was not called and notified of the cats illness nor murder. The mama was just killed. Because of the callous attitude towards volunteers (banning ALL volunteers) I am beginning to think they are killing animals close to our hearts to toy with emotions. Humane Society of Fremont County management MUST GO!

  5. I hope the law suits are successful but more is needed to change the way the police have been treating citizens as the enemy. Not all police by any means but enough that it’s very concerning. Am reading The Rise of the Warrior Cop and it’s enough to curl your hair.
    We don’t just need shelters to behave as if life mattered, we need a whole society that behaves that way. A sea change.

    1. And the scary thing is, we’re closer to that (behaving as if all life matters) than we’ve ever been in the past. Evolution on this front is just too damn slow.

    2. Couldnt agree more with this. I dont mean to get too political here but I was on my Facebook newsfeed and they were talking about the shooter at the DC capital today and there was a picture of one of the cops intervening in this. Someone said “that person looks more like an Armyman than a cop” and someone wrote back and said “thats because our country is turning into a police state” and they got a bunch of likes for that. So, youre right, I agree. They are starting to see us more as an enemy to combat rather than people they protect and serve. I think it started around the time of the drug war in the 70’s and its been all downhill from there.

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