How will animals fare during the government shutdown?

As many of you know, there is no federal oversight of animal shelters.  They will continue to operate as usual during the government shutdown which, in too many cases, is a tragedy in itself.  But with the failure of Congress to do its job and keep the government running, I wanted to mention a few animal related services that are being impacted by the federal government shutdown.

  • USDA food inspectors will remain on the job so the food you eat and feed to your pets – or for those who feed kibble/canned pet food, the ingredients used to make that food – will be as safe as it was before the shutdown, which is up for debate.
  • Although the animals are still receiving care, the National Zoo is closed and the panda cam is dark.  The loss of the panda cam seems to be the only thing that might motivate citizens to take to the streets.

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6 thoughts on “How will animals fare during the government shutdown?

  1. Yeah, food inspection and breeder inspection was working SO GREAT before the shutdown…

    I wonder why the Panda Cams were turned off? And the weather website that’s down, too. Those cannot be expensive to run. Penny wise and pound foolish? OUR government? Nahhhhhhhh….

    1. The web cams are run by volunteers, and the remaining ‘essential’ staff are not permitted to let them in during the zoo shutdown. I’m guessing that among the ‘non-essential’ staff furloughed are the volunteer coordinators and supervisors.

      I read last night that the FDA has shut down all ‘non-essential’ inspections, and will only coordinate with high-level recalls.

  2. Tours of the White House are cancelled. WWII Veterans Memorial is closed. I find it all insulting to our intelligence.

  3. Sad. I worry most about making sure animals are fed and cared for properly in zoos and what not run by the gov.

  4. I’m able to get fewer feral cats spayed and neutered because I don’t know when I’m going to be paid again. I have potential barn homes for six cats and I’m working with several feral colonies with cats who could go to these barn homes; I’d feel terrible if the cats miss out on going to new homes because I can’t afford their spaying/neutering, vaccines, and combo tests. The people caring for the cats and the rescue groups I’m working with can’t afford to contribute anything; these cats have to wait for the federal shutdown to end.

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