Treats on the Internets

The troubled Hillsborough Co pound in Florida oops-killed a one year old dog the day he was scheduled to go home with the family who had adopted him.  (Thanks Clarice for the link.)

East St. Louis police reportedly shot a dog who had been abused by a child after it was reported the dog had bitten the child in response.  They left the dog to suffer in a field for 24 hours before a local rescuer took him to a vet.  The rescuer was required to turn the dog over to St. Clair Co AC which decided on immediate killing.  (Thanks Clarice.)

Kanawha County Commissioners in West Virginia are being urged by the Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association to consider passing legislation to regulate high volume dog breeders – which no one even knows if there are any in the area.  No recommendations that the Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association stop killing animals and start doing its job though.

A lab at the University of Oklahoma allegedly “electrocuted dogs using a 9-volt battery applied to the heart” while failing to properly anesthetize the dogs.  Animal welfare advocates are calling upon the USDA to investigate.  (Thanks Arlene.)

Author Quentin Bell’s thoughts on dogs and cats from his 1947 book, On Human Finery.

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  1. OMG . . . Is there no end to this stupidity, and cruelty and heartlessness? Bless those sweet innocent beings in the loving arms of the angels now.

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