Nine Dogs Not-Rescued by Broward Co Pound

On August 26, this was the headline on the Ft. Lauderdale ABC affiliate’s website:

Broward animal shelter, cops save dogs from suspected dog fighting ring – Investigation continues; Dogs to be rehabilitated

Eleven female mixed breed dogs were reportedly found in rough shape, living in sub-standard conditions at a Broward County home. The owner was arrested and charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty.

With names like Princess, Sugar and Cinnamon, these loving Pit bulls are now safe and protected at Broward Animal Care.

On August 28, the ABC affiliate followed up with an equally optimistic report:

Trainers rehab dogs rescued from alleged dog fighting ring

That piece included an interview with animal advocate Dahlia Canes:

“It kills me, it pains me, to see these dogs in the wrong hands.”

It turns out, the wrong hands in this case were those of Broward Co AC where nine of the eleven dogs were ultimately killed. The reporter returned to Dahlia Canes who brings the enabling:

“Unfortunately, for numerous reasons — including lack of space at the shelter and no rescues coming forth, no adopters coming forth — the rest of them had to be humanely euthanized,” Canes said.

Lack of space does not trump a dog’s right to live. Blaming the public for the killing done by the pound is straight out of the Enabler’s Handbook. And using the words “humanely euthanized” to described the violent betrayal of these dogs by those who are supposed to be protecting them is just enabler icing on the bullshit cake.

I wish the ABC affiliate would go back and change those headlines.  Nine of the eleven dogs were not “saved”, nor were they “rescued”.  They weren’t “safe and protected” at the Broward Co pound.  Tragically, nine of the dogs were better off in the hands of the original owner – and he was charged with animal cruelty.  But the dogs were at least alive then and the hope that they could be truly rescued by compassionate people who would respect their right to live was alive as well.  Now there is no such hope, courtesy of the Broward Co pound and its enablers.

Where there is life, there is hope. Killing is not rescue.

(Thanks Clarice for the link.)

12 thoughts on “Nine Dogs Not-Rescued by Broward Co Pound

  1. … no rescues coming forth, no adopters coming forth ….

    I’ve really become irked with passive statements of this nature – as if they just sat there on their hands waiting for rescues and adopters to coalesce over animals in need like clouds over a mountaintop, and when that failed, shrugged and accepted the lack.

  2. I should not be surprised. But so many people will and have argued this is the best solution under the circumstances. No. It is not. Until you take killing off the table for healthy and treatable homeless pets, you are not serving THIER interest. There are lifesaving alternatives for more than 90% of pets entering a shelter. Why is this so hard for people to grasp?

  3. Just another sad example of how Florida is failing its animals. Lawmakers, are you not listening? Don’t you sense that the tides are turning? How about passing some meaningful legislation – like now, please!

  4. I just sent an email to the ABC affiliate asking them to update their story. We will have to watch for it and see if they do.

    1. It’s still there. Look just below the header on the main page, there’s a drop-down menu set by default at ‘Highlights.’ Change that to ‘Posts by Other,’ and your post shows up at the top, at least as of now (Saturday evening).

  5. We really have to come down heavy for shelter reform! They’re just killing facilities and animals don’t have a chance at life! We should be consistent and apply pressure! Report every “oops killing” and make them accountable!

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