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  1. And here is Elliot and his story:

    Elliot was our foster kitten to start with 2 yrs. ago. A Mom and her litter were left abandoned in a trailer at Sands Court. A kind person rescued them, brought them to UPAWS where I fostered 2 of the tiny kittens (E.T & Gertie). Unknown to the rescuer, 2 weeks later he realized that one kitten was left in that trailer by accident! A starved, food aggressive street urchin who had to be brave and learn how to survive. He was brought to UPAWS where I took the little skin and bones kitten home to his siblings to
    fosters. Long story short — this little growling, crazy food stealing little monster would never leave our home. I adore him and all that he was and is. Wouldn’t trade his big personality for the world.

    Here he is top left photo on the right next to his sibling 2 years ago – he was so tiny and skinny. The toaster boy photo and Mr. E. lounging in his Kingdom!

      1. I know! I don’t know what is wrong but when I click to go on my Facebook page it has this message:

        Your account is currently unavailable due to a site issue.

        Which really stinks because I am the admin for our UPAWS page and I wanted to post to get folks out there to adopt!

  2. Here is a photo link all my babies: The white cat is George and he passed at 17 yrs. old last January. The close up of the tabby is Marvin – my beloved boy. I was told by so many to put him down since he was so mean — no never! I loved him and he loved me. He lived til he was 16 yrs and passed of cancer. Miss him.

    The kitties I have now: The white and grey on is Ollie — simple and happy Ollie. Sadie Sue is in the leaves – beautiful lady. Elliot (story above) is the black one in the collage – sitting on the coffee maker!


    1. That is an awesome pic. Where else ya gonna sit while waiting for the toast to pop? It’s the best view!

      On Sun, Oct 20, 2013 at 11:09 AM, YesBiscuit!

    1. I just knew there must be a cat in there – I have three who “help” me make my bed, too. The best fun is putting on the fitted bottom sheet with the lumps in the middle! Love seeing all of these photos.

      1. Privacy setting has now been changed. Maybe it will work now? No guarantees. I am computer incompetent.

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