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Unless you can guarantee your pet’s jerky treats weren’t made in China (you can’t) and are willing to bet your pet’s life on it (you wouldn’t), you should not feed jerky treats.  They’ve killed nearly 600 pets in recent years and thousands more have been sickened.  The FDA says they don’t know the cause of the poisonings but the treats are still for sale.

This website chronicles the sad story of a Missouri dog who allegedly bit a child (there were no witnesses and some believe the mark was that of a human bite), was quarantined in cruel conditions for an extended period while his owners tried to save his life in court, and was recently stolen.  (Thanks Anne D. for the link.)

CNN is airing “Blackfish”, a documentary centering around a captive killer whale called Tilikum, at 9pm Eastern tonight.

Animal advocates in Gaston Co, North Carolina claim that public records show the parks director lied about attempting non-lethal control methods before killing 144 geese in June.  (Thanks April for the link.)

Not your average napping pandas webcam:  Condor Cam shows the rare birds picking apart and eating animal carcasses.

This sounds like a good book.

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  1. Lots of instructions online on making your own jerky treats. I can’t believe that they won’t pull them off the shelves…

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