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  1. A year of gathering data, attending meetings, nearly 11,000 signatures on our citizen petition for change, communications with Metro Nashville Council Members, Animal Control Leadership, Health Department Leadership, and more…and WOW! Metro Animal Care and Control has come up with the novel idea that taking photos of animals and posting them online helps adoptions! Our constant requests for this and other changes and their constant rejection of anything that meant change and finally…one small step for mankind an PR out the wazoo. Thank you for this small step and this beginning of seeing MORE life saving requests from your citizens. You’re welcome MACC!

    1. Why, why is it so hard to convince people that doing things is better than not doing things? Sheesh! Congratulations on your win!

  2. Thanks for the congrats…it’s for the animals. They still do not have a volunteer program – although we are working on it. They signed up 7 people to move pumpkins and flowers around on Saturday so the Director’s friend could take some dog photos. We still don’t know the criteria for what animals live or die or are allowed to be adopted or rescued. It’s all in the control of the same Director of almost 2 decades who stated in May “Nashville has a higher percentage of vicious dogs and irresponsible pet owners than any other city in the country.” REALLY? And so we keep on keepin’ the pressure on.

  3. The FDA finally proposes animal food safety rules.

    Percentage likelihood that these rules will actually be put into effect after the four-month public comment period? After all, there is the $130 million implementation cost for the industry to consider, as weighed against a mere 600 pet deaths in six years of investigation into the jerky treats mystery. Thus, from one perspective, the industry has avoided almost $217,000 in costs every time one of these pets has died. I’m sure we will hear a lot about how this cost-avoidance needs to continue.

    Not only will the pet-food industry explain this to us, but the grain-feed industry, which services the factory farming industry, will also make it clear that cost savings must continue.

    The president of the the National Grain and Feed Association has already told Reuters, “It will be vitally important that FDA’s regulations provide the flexibility necessary for companies to continue to effectively address feed safety.”



    1. I haven’t seen a detailed analysis of the proposed regulations, but based on the FDA’s press announcement I think they’ll really only cover risks of bacterial contaminants such as Salmonella. If so, it’s unlikely they’d be any help with issues like the poisonous jerky treats, which (if the tests run in NY were correct) seem to be due to persistence of U.S.-banned medications used to suppress illness in battery chickens in China. Possibly. It’s not like the Chinese are allowing anyone to actually research the matter.

  4. Working out the bugs, but we are going to stop the problem of abandoned dogs in Antonito Colorado. Keep an eye out for us. If you want to grease the wheels, feel free to to replace your Starbucks with a donation at http://www.nokilldenver.org/100-dogs-donation-page/

    This is a shameless plug. I actually know all of you already do what you can. But maybe you can share this.

    When you drive through the town of Antonito, Colorado, you see packs of stray, abandoned, starving, discarded dogs. Tourists either panic or try to feed them before they head out of town. Many people are simply afraid to get out of their cars. It’s a tough life for these homeless animals in this small Colorado community.

    Sadly, no one has been able to address this issue and help the people and dogs of this town. Until now.

    We are looking for help to bring the Stray Dogs of Antonito Home for Christmas. Can you sacrifice one meal out this week and give us $50? One Starbucks’s coffee and give us $5? Anything helps. Become part of a holiday event that captures the compassion and generosity of the season.

    Help us save 100 dogs from the harsh reality of these strays.

    Let’s bring 100 Stray Dogs of Antonito Home for Christmas.


  5. I’ve had a hell of a week and my dog has had even more of one. I spent 8 days in the hospital. I was brought in by ambulance and my baby, Thundercat, was locked in the bedroom for about 12 hours. She destroyed the room trying to get to me and a neighbor cared for her for a day. Then a friend picked her up got her re-vaccinated and she was supposed to go into a high quality kennel but my friend decided she didn’t need that stress and decided to keep her at his home instead.
    Five days in he got pulled over and it turned out he didn’t pay parking tickets and they sent him to jail and Thundercat to the pound (seriously police?!?!? over parking tickets while the man is telling you the owner of the dog is in the hospital?!?!). She was vaccinated on day 3 and when she went to the pound vaccinated again on day 5. Those are two full vaccinations in a 72 hour period and now my dog is very sick. As much as I appreciate a pound that vaccinates was it really necessary to do it to a dog who was going to be picked up within a couple hours? They didn’t even put her info in right (10 year old dog labelled as a 2 yr old) and I swear if I hadn’t called and threatened a lawsuit they were not going to release the dog to anyone. Im frustrated and now have a really sick dog on my hands on top of everything else.
    Does anyone know what I can do to make my dog feel better and what can I do about the over vaccination? The shelter told me I had nothing to worry about but I’m seeing otherwise!

    1. You need to get this dog’s condition documented by a vet immediately (especially blood work and vet’s findings). Get it all down and official. Keep all copies of paperwork from the shelter. You may be able to sue for the cost of your dog’s care since they did not follow correct vaccination protocols.

      As someone who has lived with a heavily overvaccinated dog (they lost his paperwork at the shelter and rather than look for it, just shot him up with everything AGAIN…then they found his paperwork), all I can say is that I’m sorry.

      1. Not sure I would talk about suing but definitely a vet to find out what is wrong. Every week on this blog some shelter is criticized for not immediately vaccinating on intake. If you have money trouble I would ask the shelter if they could cover the vet visit to help you out. The odds of a dog coming in and having been vaccinated in the previous 48 hours has got to be minuscule.

    2. I agree with other commenters that you need to find an informed vet who’s as concerned about this as you are. There is some info by Drs. Dodds, Hofve and others on vaccinations and adverse reactions:

      World-renowned pet vaccination expert, Dr. Jean Dodds, has a blog that may have helpful info. Not sure if she’s available for consult or not. – Vaccine category – http://drjeandoddspethealthresource.tumblr.com/tagged/vaccines#.Um9oz_msiM4

      Dr Jean Dodds: “Clinical Approaches to Managing and Treating Adverse Vaccine Reactions” – http://drjeandoddspethealthresource.tumblr.com/post/48128200923/clinical-approaches-managing-treating-adverse-vaccine-re#.Um9qA_msiM4

      Dr. Hofve:

      Before and after vaccination- “Preventing Vaccine Adverse Effects” – http://www.littlebigcat.com/health/preventing-vaccine-adverse-effects/

      “Preventing Vaccine Adverse Effects – 1 page summary” – http://www.littlebigcat.com/important-information/preventing-vaccine-adverse-effects-1-page-summary/

      “What Your Vet Must Tell You about Vaccines (but probably won’t)” – (info includes adverse reactions) – http://www.littlebigcat.com/blog/what-your-vet-must-tell-you-about-vaccines/

      Best wishes.

  6. Today I’m putting together our Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter’s (UPAWS) November promotions and getting them out to the media today. November is Adopt a Senior Pet month and also all month long we are involved in the BFAS Back in Black promotion to promote adoption of black animals. We will have no fee on seniors and no fee on black cats and 1/2 off black dogs. Also in the middle if the month we have a Petsmart National Adoption event and for 4 days we will have free over 3 yrs. old cats. Busy month – lots of pets needing good homes. Just thought I’d share what we are doing next month.Please ask your own shelter what they are doing? Advertising and promotions is VERY important!

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