Treats on the Internets

John Sibley, the no kill blogosphere’s resident Guy Everybody Likes, is starting a rescue in NYC.  Yay!  (Thanks db for the heads up.)

The NBC affiliate in CT examines the problem of dogs, sometimes sick or underage, transported in overloaded trucks from pet killing facilities in the south and sold for big bucks in CT parking lots.

A mill rescuer in Ohio took her own life and the lives of 31 dogs, mostly puppies.  She had previously indicated on her website that she was concerned for puppy mill dogs, pets being killed in shelters as well as other animals.  A friend speculated that the rescuer had become overwhelmed and perhaps killed the dogs for fear of what might happen to them after she was gone.  (Thanks Arlene.)

A private school principal in Houston has been charged with animal cruelty after allowing a dog’s rear leg to rot and fall off and a foreleg to deteriorate to the point where partial amputation was required.  Her defense?  She was too giving of herself to work and charitable organizations.  Authorities seized 2 other dogs from her home and all 3 are now with a rescue group, receiving treatment.  (Thanks Karen.)

November is Manatee Awareness Month in Florida.  Tragically, a record number of manatees have died in Florida waters this year due to red tide.

Polar bear cam!  (Thank you Clarice.)

One of the things I miss about living in Seattle:  Archie McPhee’s.  From their website:  Bacon Body Wash (“Drives dogs crazy”) and Crazy Cat Lady Cat Food Scented Soap (“Keep the kitty cats close”).  I don’t want either of those things btw, in case I’m on your Xmas list, but I’d be happy to have these.

5 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets

  1. The school principal clearly has some kind of mental issue. She saw the dog “limping” but didn’t check on it. The dog has exposed, dead bone hanging out of his leg, but she didn’t think it was a real issue. She brought the dog to the vet for the other injury…there’s something very wrong with her brain function.

    John Sibley must mainline caffeine. I’ve got just three foster kittens and they wear me out!

    The rescuer suicide is extremely sad. I hope the puppy that survived does ok.

    Cat food scented soap…no thank you.

    1. The principal brought the dog to BARC in Houston for treatment – the pet killing facility whose officers investigate animal cruelty. What a mess.

      Hopefully I won’t draw your name for Secret Santa. Because if I do, I have a feeling you might be disappointed w/your gift.

      1. Oh…yes. Well, I’ve got yours picked out, too. It starts with a B and ends with an eagles. Turns out, they’re giving them away by the dozen! AND they come in several sizes!

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