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  1. Ok , enough about the “Action Zone”. I’m pulling you back in to shelter pets! LOL

    Check out a holiday initiative No Kill Colorado is involved in. It’s about this little town in Southern Colorado, Antonito. We want to pull 100 dogs from there. They have a lot of abandoned pets and it is a cyclical problem that we would can end once and for all. We have several rescues and shelters (want a few more), Spay/neuter orgs, some transporters and we are working on our donation campaign.
    We are trying to get this done in by Coloradans, in Colorado, but Colorado and for Colorado. Locally addressing the issue is the best use of resources and we think this is a good model to prove out.
    This could be a great small case for how to get this done and help these small rural communities. And we hope it works for others as well.

    1. LOL.. Spoil sport…

      Thank you for sharing that information.. Colorado is known for not caring about their homeless people… I’m so glad to see this happening for the animals. I went to the FB link and “Liked” it

  2. Sharing a wonderful outcome to a cat that arrived at UPAWS as a lost stray who was not claimed. His name is Dexter and he was found to be in renal failure and needed hospice care. Here is is his original bio/post:


    and in one day here was his status:


    Please share this with your shelters that may feel that these types of animals should be killed – please ask them to at least to try. It can be done. There are angels in every community that will step up and help. We see them all the time. These shelter just need to try and to reach out in their own communities..

  3. Focusing passion – A cat rescue making a difference for discarded felines…

    My favourite rant last month was by Beth who runs a cat rescue that in just 2 years has placed more than 1000 cats!

    Many of those cats come from a city run shelter in Hamilton with a high kill rate.


    They do not allow adoptions from that shelter due to city bylaws, Only rescue groups can pull cats. In kitten season 3 times a week a vet comes in and kills 20 to 25 cats to make room for more cats… Yesterday there were 105 cats and kittens, today only 83. Friday was a vet day.

    http://catrescuer.blogspot.ca/ So you want your own rescue…

  4. Just read this in a group email from Sandra Cuming (she gave me permission to post):

    “Most of those cats come from a city run shelter in Hamilton


    with a high kill rate. They do not allow adoptions due to city bylaws, only rescue groups can pull cats. In kitten season 3 times a week a vet comes in and kills 20 to 25 cats to make room for more cats… Yesterday there were 105 cats and kittens, today only 83. Friday was a vet day.”

    Sound like pretty brutal bylaws. Here’s what I found online about them having no adoption program:


    Also, “owned” cats cannot leave your property unless your neighbors are OK with it:


    No mention of ferals.

  5. Orange County Animal “Services” as a whole: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/local/breakingnews/os-animal-shelter-changes-orange-20131101,0,4882845.story





    OCAS has over 6 *million* dollars each year for their budget. They waste most of it. Now they are asking for almost $500,000 to “fix” their problems.

    The “vet” they have now used to work for a known animal testing laboratory. His job? Getting the animals to test on. He bragged about it when he was first interviewed in 2007. The former Mayor of Orange County said he was unfit for the job. Yet Jacobs allowed him to be hired. And he is still around despite Ralls saying he was dismissed before. He has to “train” the new vets.

  6. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1850434439/puppycide-the-documentary
    PUPPYCIDE is a feature length documentary that takes a journey with victims of puppycide, the dogs and their owners. From the moment they meet and seal their emotional bonds to the excruciating trauma of loss, we follow the dog owners’ battles for justice with police culture and the legal system, both of which treat puppycides as acceptable collateral damage.

    Just saw this project on Kickstarter. A feature length documentary about dogs being shot by law enforcement. Check it out and donate!

    1. yes this is a story that needs to be told.I donated but it looks like it is not going well. I posted to my facebook and tweeted. just so you know if i hadn’t thought quick after calling 911 and put my dogs in their crates my dogs would have been shot. I had to stop life saving procedure to lock them up. First thing when cop arrives is lock those dogs up or i’ll shoot them. and they already were in their crates barking.. I continued on with procedure while cop stands there watching, My friend lived but it was even more stressfull worrying about my dogs getting shot in addition to my friend.

      1. OMG… I am so thankful all turned out well… that is very scary… EMS has been to my house many times and I’m always so worried about my dogs

  7. Shirley… I have this posted on FaceBook, but other readers may want to also see and share. Can you help with that?

    Please share these two threads.. shelters will be murdering pets during the holidays
    My friend Beverly knew of a site that has these already made up, but I asked to to add the three holidays that are back to back

    1. It’s unclear to me from the link but is it known if this shelter got the dog immediate vet care that he obviously needed? Or did they simply send out a plea for a member of the public to do it?

      1. I copied a few comments.
        Juliette Crosson She went to Noah’s Arks Rescue – they will not post her for donations or updates until she has seen their vet and they have determined what is going on with the mass exactly. She will have the very best care possible!
        November 15 at 5:01pm · Edited · 15

        Juliette Crosson yeah Noah’s Arks Rescue but they won’t post an update until they have a full picture of what’s going on- she’ll be at their vet tomorrow
        November 15 at 6:12pm · 5

        Jaime Senesi We can’t be sure there is a person to blame. There’s no way of knowing right now how long she was stray or what exactly happened. She could have been bit by something or who knows what, and then had a severe reaction to it. I sure hope that’s the case at least and I hope she wasn’t neglected by someone. Hopefully the vet will be able to provide some insight as to what caused this mass, but more than that, let’s all just hope that it can be treated quickly and effectively for her sake and for her comfort.
        November 15 at 6:27pm via mobile · 4

        Jaime Senesi Yep. They don’t do your typical transports. You should read some of the stories on other dogs they’ve rescued from BARCS. In the past they’ve flown a rep up, setup the transport back with mapped out emergency vets along the way in case of emergency, etc. if I reminder correctly, I think they even setup an IV drip in the vehicle for one of the dogs who needed it.

        will check “Noah’s Ark ” FB and web page to look for up date

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