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      1. Yeah, I liked that. What I liked even better was apparently the neighborhood approves – that these kitties aren’t just tolerated, but vital elements in what has become a yearly ritual, and affectionate joke.

  1. Sorry if this has been updated elsewhere, but do you know what i happening with OAS? Haven’t read about them in a while(although I have been traveling a lot lately) but I also now follow Lexus Project on FB. They had a pot a few hours ago about trying to help with the situation.

    Unless I have them mixed up with someone else. But that is the group that took the feral from MAS?

    1. OAS is the same place that took Mario from Memphis. AFAIK, Mario is doing well. There appears to be a group of people targeting the owner of OAS personally based on one former volunteer’s story and a pet psychic who claimed one of the dogs at OAS spoke through her and said he wanted to die. They seem determined to tear the man down personally and their behavior has been completely out of line. I place no stock in the pet psychic but *if* the ex-volunteer’s claims have any merit – and I don’t believe that’s been proven by a long shot – the frothy pitchforkers are not a group I would ever endorse. I fear this personal campaign of hatred will end badly.

      1. That is what I was thinking, but was kind of shocked to see all the comments about it. Looks like he was arrested today too(judging by the comments).

        Although I didn’t know about the psychic part…..

    1. Thank you for the update Brandy. I had not seen this one yet. He kicked a car, apparently. I reiterate my fear that this personal campaign against him is not going to end well.

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