When to Seek New Employment

After a shelter oops-kills someone’s pet, there is sometimes media coverage where the director defends the killing and attempts to blame the owner, adopter and/or the general public.  If you ever see a headline accurately naming the shelter where you work followed by the words “Defends Pet’s Killing”, you may want to find another job.  Because you aren’t working at a shelter, you are working at an excuse.


4 thoughts on “When to Seek New Employment

    1. ha – noooo. I can not draw at all. True story: In high school, I took an elective drawing class. The teacher took a look at my work and threatened to send me to the principal’s office to explain why I was “being sarcastic”. I had to drop the class. Billy drew the above pic.

  1. Definitely! CAA, Baton Rouge- after killing someone’s 18 yr old dog while they went to the ATM. Shelter defenders blasting the upset people with it’s the owner’s fault!! Dog should have been microchipped.

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