When to Seek New Employment

After a shelter oops-kills someone’s pet, there is sometimes media coverage where the director defends the killing and attempts to blame the owner, adopter and/or the general public.  If you ever see a headline accurately naming the shelter where you work followed by the words “Defends Pet’s Killing”, you may want to find another job.  Because you aren’t working at a shelter, you are working at an excuse.


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  1. did you draw that, Shirley…?

    • ha – noooo. I can not draw at all. True story: In high school, I took an elective drawing class. The teacher took a look at my work and threatened to send me to the principal’s office to explain why I was “being sarcastic”. I had to drop the class. Billy drew the above pic.

  2. Definitely! CAA, Baton Rouge- after killing someone’s 18 yr old dog while they went to the ATM. Shelter defenders blasting the upset people with it’s the owner’s fault!! Dog should have been microchipped.

  3. Interesting enough, they are now employed by CAA.



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